Ensure You Cover All Technological Techniques

The best approach to improving or changing the technology used for your call center is to adapt to your clients’ needs and preferences. In this day and age, it would mean that you should manage your contacts through email, live chat, SMS, IM and social networks. These are just as important as your incoming and outgoing phone calls.

The reason for this is quite obvious. Nowadays, with all of the many forms of contact available between people, it is only logical to offer your clients these same methods in order to reach you. Therefore, you should give all of your customer service representatives access to each of these or, at the very least, have a minimum of one agent per mode of contact. There are economical channels for each one, to make things easier on you.

There are also other advantages to doing this. For one thing, you will greatly reduce the amount of phone calls coming into your call center. Furthermore, the quality of the contact is highly improved. Then, your clients will be more satisfied. Even if they opt for a phone contact more often, they will be glad to have the choice if, say, they are stuck not being able to reach you by phone for whatever reason. Plus, you can even increase your representatives’ productivity. You see, when someone is using more than one method of contact, that person can actually work on more than one at a time. For example, someone can easily be searching for the answer to a client’s problem through email while chatting with another on the live chat to solve another issue. Also, when using internet-based contact, the client can open their account in order to get in touch with you, meaning that the representative will automatically have the account opened already. This could save a lot of time!

By opting this form of contact – the multiple-channel contact – you are also making it easy to create history reports and supervise the representatives. The information will be clearly identified. Any management officer will be able to optimize the department quickly.

And, if you digitalize your contact channels, you will be able to make things that used to be done manually electronically, saving you time and money. Returning calls, when needed, can be added automatically in your system, and the distribution of the tasks can be done through the company’s network. It has never been so easy to get things done!

Make things easier for you – modernize your customer service call center to make your clients happy and satisfied!



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