Entrepreneurs 101: 6 Free Production Tools

Any business is expensive to run and operate, but startup businesses cost a lot more because they need software and other office equipment. Furthermore, most startup businesses seem to fail early on because they can’t generate enough consumer interests in their products. They don’t have the capital necessary to advertise and attract consumers to try their new products.

The overhead and office expenses take a major bite out of a new company’s startup revenues. That is why a new business owner needs a little help to start their company. Free business productivity tools can help a new business owner save a little money on investing in expensive software. 

  1. Bitrix24: If your company has 9 employees or less the CRM tool is free each month. You’ll have access to 35+ work tools which include group chat, tasks and projects, video conferencing, Bitrix24 Drive, email CRM, social network, and more. This is the perfect cloud-based solution for a new startup business on a budget.
  2. Join.me offers a free basic service for new companies each month. Just sign up for an account and download the desktop application. Afterwards, you can connect with the employees in your office, host meetings, or hold a web conference. The teleconferencing app is easy-to-use and is perfect for reviewing documents, doing a product demonstration, overseas web conferencing and training your staff.
  3. PRLOG: Every new business needs to issue press releases about their new products, sale promotions, and other important information relating to their business. The free app gives you pointers on writing your press releases and makes it easy to distribute them.
  4. Got Free Fax: Believe it or not in this day and age, we still need to send out a few faxes. For a new business, buying a fax machine is expensive and furthermore it isn’t used daily. Therefore, this free fax service is the perfect way for any new business owner to send a fax.
  5. Kolab.org: This open-source collaboration server gives any new business the perfect opportunity to share email accesses, notes, address book, task manager, and calendar organization. However, the free, open-source application will require you to familiarize yourself with the software and application. Afterwards, Kolab will prove to be an excellent business tool for your company.  
  6. Remember The Milk: If you are looking for an all-in-one task manager this is a great app for any new business owner. The app allows you to manage your electronic calendar, to-do lists, shares your tasks with your employees, and is fully integrated with your Gmail account. 

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