5 Tips to Make Your Summer Sales Contest a Success

Participating in a sales contest makes the whole process of a summer sales activity much more fun and easier to manage, in addition to being a fantastic motivator to your entire sales team. Furthermore, contrary to what some people believe, contests do not really cost a lot of cash or involve a lot of effort to organize. By making metrics the platform on which the contest is based on, it is even easier to track for instance the number of calls/emails involved or the individual quota achievement.

In order for your sales contest to be successful and beneficial to your entire team, then the following five things are very important to pay keen attention to:

1) All Your Team Members Should be Motivated to Participate

Your sales contest cannot meet all your sales goals and aspirations if a section of your team does not feel like it is part of the whole process. For instance, if sales reps consider themselves failures from the onset, then they will surely fail the entire team. Motivate everyone and give them a chance to shine and be winners.

2) Pick the Perfect Timeframe

While some sales contests can take just two hours, others can go for months, especially if their purpose is to promote new products or services. Your sales reps can even use this as a fun way to learn about some of the new offerings in the market or how to try different tools! The activity you pick for a certain timeframe should also be sustainable for it. A calling blitz should not take a whole month, for instance.

3) Share Team Progress Reports

For a sales contest that takes a longer period of time, reports on how different members of the team are faring should be shared often. For example, creating a leaderboard can help the team keep up with the progress of each member. Sharing progress reports also helps everyone to up their spirits of the competition.

4) Be Creative!

Make fun out of your sales contests. Your sales reps can even use this as a platform to generate some extra cash and compete for prizes. This can also be a great motivator to the team. Make some fun by bringing in food and t-shirts, or even announcing winners during an all-hands happy hour.

5) Acknowledge the Winners

On the successful accomplishment of a contest, you need to recognize the victors! And remember to do it company-wise and not just within your sales organization alone. This will make sure that the winners also get recognized outside their respective teams, in addition to giving the rest of your company an insight into what it means to be a successful sales team.

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