Franchises Shying Away from Digital Advertising Is Not Right

Social media is an incredible tool for businesses, helping them connect with their customers and partners more easily than ever before. However, certain franchises are still not making use of this new technology due to the supposed complexity of its usage. This simply isn’t right, as these franchises could be vastly improving their efficiency by making the most of digital advertising. Therefore, it is important for these franchises to become better educated about new technologies in order to feel more confident when it comes to using them.

Digital marketing helps businesses reach audiences on a much wider scale than ever before, even allowing them to connect with people who are on the other side of the planet with ease. This sort of technology is unfortunately considered to be too complex by many franchises, at least according to a recent survey by BrandMuscle, a marketing management company. Their survey revealed that even in this modern age of social media, only 63% of the survey participants actually used a Facebook page for their businesses and even less (43% to be exact) had a Twitter profile.

Unsurprisingly, the majority of the survey participants who do make use of Facebook or Twitter said that they were happy with the impact that these sites have on their businesses. So, if the internet is clearly so helpful, why do so many franchises and local affiliates shy away from using it? Well, around 60% of the participants said that sites like Facebook and Twitter were simply too complicated to use.

With more traditional means of marketing, like newspaper adverts or brochures, businesses are able to simply file for an advertisement and let another company do the work. Meanwhile, the use of a Twitter or Facebook account requires regular maintenance as new updates and posts need to be made in order for the webpage to continue attracting new users. Therefore, too many businesses are quite simply not motivated enough or cannot summon the manpower and efforts required to monitor and maintain social media pages, even though this sort of digital advertising could work wonders for their profits.

BrandMuscle’s Chief Strategy Officer, Clarke Smith, implored local affiliates to reconsider their attitudes towards digital marketing and start making use of social media as soon as possible. Smith explained that the majority of consumers make use of the internet as their primary resource when it comes to looking for products and services. Therefore, even though a Facebook or Twitter account might require more upkeep than a newspaper ad, it will reach a wider audience and ultimately help the business much more.

As the internet becomes a more integral part of life and business, it’s important for local affiliates to stop shying away from this new technology and make use of it. Social media may appear complex and require more effort than traditional forms of advertising, but the benefits and rewards it offers simply cannot be underestimated. 

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