Going Digital: Outsourcing Web Design & Development

Entrepreneurs and brand executives all know that a website is a vital component to today’s marketing sphere, so they hire developers in-house or get their present information technology professionals to do the web design and development work.

Take a look at the employees and skill sets in your business.  Are they essential people capable of creating a successful website for your business? Similar to other companies that are deliberating a website reconstruction, you are probably confronted with the decision to manage it in-house or whether to outsource website design. Is managing your own website reconstruction a clever decision? If you are in doubt, you need to read through this article.

There are definitely a number of things which will probably make you reassess hiring developers. Here are 4 reasons why you should outsource web design and development.

1. Outsourcing means getting expertise 

Just the same as your company is the expert in your field of products or services, a web agency is also the specialist in website design and development. Working with an agency will provide you with top-quality web designers, online marketing experts, skilled graphic designers, talented copywriters, and developers who can all assist you in presenting a web offering that suits your brand’s needs and matches today’s digital standards.

2. Outsourcing means fewer complexities                    

Partnering with an agency will make this process a whole lot easier, instead of hiring people who most likely can’t cover everything.

Web design, maintenance, and development of websites are far more complicated these days. Users want websites to have up-to-date designs, be fully receptive for mobile devices, and unquestionably fast loading. There is a lot of competition on social media and search engines too, and just putting up a website won’t be enough for your visitors. You absolutely need to find a fast and reliable web host and do regular website check-ups.

3. Outsourcing means faster development

Hiring processes take time and it can be difficult to find an in-house developer who is tailored to fit your company from both a skill and social perspective. On the flip side, digital agencies work on a project basis and will almost always be willing to take on new ones.

In addition, whether you are hiring an in-house developer or taking out an employee from IT to work on a website, one or two-man teams will take a long period of time than an entire and intact agency who will focus and give attention on your web design and development project.

4. Outsourcing means long-term savings

Outsourced website reconstruction costs are much more foreseeable because agencies have a repeatable, consistent and reliable process capable of delivering services on a faster pace.

Hiring an in-house developer seems like the cheaper option versus outsourcing your website design and development. You only have to pay a relatively small amount monthly against paying one big amount in a single go, right? Potentially wrong.

The recruitment process of staff can be very costly. You have to spend time looking for applicants and then go through interviews and tests. Management of a new staff member can also get quite expensive; you need to guarantee that there is enough work on an ongoing basis, as well as providing training and employee development. Not to mention equipment, such as a decent computer and office space, is also needed for a new developer.

Outsourcing web design and development is definitely the way to go for most businesses, but it’s also important to note that an internal project manager should also be appointed to supervise the progress.


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