Google With Docker: The Next Big Thing in the Cloud

Recently, Google’s focus has been in the Cloud space. Particularly, Google has set its eyes towards a new open source technology named Docker. Docker could be a game changer for everyone as it changes the way engineers think about software coding. Docker also gives Google a way into the massive cloud market, which is currently dominated by Amazon.

The Power Behind Docker:

Docker was created by a tiny startup in San Francisco, California. Docker is an open source solution that can be used by anyone. Docker is nothing but a container to run the code. However, Docker has caught the attention of many people. According to Docker, close to 15,000,000 applications are now using its containers.

In simple words, Docker delivers a way to package an application in a virtual container, which can be run across diverse servers, without having to worry about compatibility. The rise of this technology is similar to formality gained another framework (Ruby on Rails), about a decade earlier.

Docker acts as a virtual machine. The software can package code into a single file, and the file can be run on the Docker container anywhere on a Linux machine. As containers do not have complete OS implementation, Docker containers are quicker than virtual machines.

Since Docker is lightweight, it can load in seconds, against a full-fledged virtual machine, which may take minutes to load. Docker offers significant performance improvement over hypervisors. Docker provides a way for companies to offer PaaS (platform-as-a-service).

Docker was released a year ago in 2013 and has picked up in Cloud space. In fact, Google and Rackspace are betting heavily on the technology. Google is set to unveil the integration of its App Engine and Compute Engine with Docker.

Docker enables a world where developers can be developers and do not have to worry about the underlying server implementation. While how far Docker can be a success in this journey is yet to be seen, Google is ready to put its weight behind Docker.

* Image courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons.

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