Green Logistics

Logistics, a key part to global infrastructure. Without proper logistics global operations would grind to halt. So, with the increased impact and awareness of the changes to the environment, we need to look into to greener ways to conduct logistics. This is of course while still maintaining a solid and potentially more efficient operation. So enough talk, let's look into some greener ways to maximize logistics efficiency.

First off let's talk about how to distribute products to their destination more effectively, shall we? One of the first things to do is to have more items being delivered at once, basically in bulk, to maximize efficiency, especially if you are having it delivered by a truck. By delivering more items at once, it cost less money then having to make more then one trip back and forth, saving time and the cost of fuel for traveling so much. Having better time management when delivering items not only saves time, but decreases fuel cost in the long run. In addition to being greener, with better time management, you can deliver more items in a given amount of time then if didn't.

Another thing could be having partnerships with different companies, helping each other deliver items closer to the areas you need them. Places that for you alone to ship would be very costly, working with other companies for distribution could help migrate that a bit. Preferentially, you might not want to spend anymore money on fossil fuels, so how about an electric truck instead? You don't use Diesel, but electrical power you can generate from solar panels at your distribution warehouses, where your local city trucks are stored. Of course, it's a large initial investment, mainly in ordering the abundant amount of solar panels, charging equipment and not to mention the electric trucks. But it's worth it in the long run, not with just a lessened dent in your profit margins and higher reliability or lower operating cost, but you can feel good knowing you are running a greener operation. One such company that produces electronic delivery vehicles is Smith Electric Vehicles. This company was founded in 1920, in northern England, but in 2011 moved it's headquarters to Kansas City, Missouri. A perfect example of a company working towards greener heavy duty trucks for their fleet's is Walmart, they are working on WAVE also known as the "Walmart Advanced Vehicle Experience". This vehicle is a full carbon fiber (trailer included), hybrid heavy duty truck. It weights 4000 pounds less then a similar sized truck, is around 20% more aerodynamic then other trucks and the power plant is a multi fuel use power train with an electric motor as well. If this is what just one company is doing, think about what others could be working on. Maybe you live in an area where there is more solar power, or more wind power and maybe even hydroelectric power. You can use one or all three of these alternative energy sources to power an electric truck, decreasing pollution by a huge margin, as well as cutting back on fuel cost. With more and more countries creating stricter and stricter emissions regulations, then it might be a wise idea to invest in electric vehicles, at least for citywide distribution if anything.

In this day and age, it's a good idea to know about how to get information out in a more green and effective way. What do I mean by that, you may ask, well let's talk about that a bit. Think about it, what has been one of the primary methods for getting information out to people for hundreds of years? By books or paper or something along those lines right? The point is we are writing on paper, the more paper we use, the less trees we have, in turn the more the environment suffers. On top of recycling, why not put more information out electronically? It's more easily accessible, and doesn't damage the environment as much as using paper to write or print things on. In this day and age there are so many different electrical advertisement opportunities available, one of which is an electronic billboard, which I'm sure you would be familiar with by now. There are even those mobile electronic billboards that are on truck trailers these days, which is better at getting info you need out there then a stationary billboard (at least most of the time). On top of that you could use the internet, so you can get important information out very quickly, which in business, can make or break your operations. These are just some of the ways you can get information out where it needs to be, but in a much greener, and quicker fashion.

I hope these ideas can help you run a greener logistics operation, by being greener, you can have a lessened impact on the environment, while being more efficient. By being more efficient, more money is saved, and less time is wasted. If you have anything to say or to add, please leave a comment below. Talk to you all soon good day.

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