How Businesses Can Increase Their Mobile Marketing Efforts

This year we have seen many changes in mobile marketing and Google's algorithm for ranking websites. Therefore, it’s necessary for businesses to stay on top of the different mobile marketing trends. Your marketing department needs to use different mobile marketing strategies to reach a larger targeted audience. Furthermore, you need to understand how mobile marketing has changed. 

  1. Social Media – Facebook was the first social media site to offer mobile app-install ad units. This gave companies a chance to reach a larger audience and promote their apps. The revenue from mobile apps has become a lucrative business. Today, nearly every social media site has decided to create a version of mobile app-install. Currently Twitter, YouTube, Millennial Media, and Pinterest all have their own mobile app-install.
  2. Banner Ads – Interstitial ads have become popular with marketers this year. The full screen advertisement displays on mobile devices during a transition point in a game. The user has the opportunity to click on your ad or close it. Interstitial ads are becoming increasing popular because of the large screen size and call to action.
  3. Mobile Video – This form of advertising is becoming more popular today because of the larger screen sizes and faster devices. Your company can advertise your products using a pre-roll, long-form or interstitial format to create video ads. Apple uses iAd for pre-roll and full-screen advertisements on iOS devices. This form of advertisement has become a big business and has helped developers generate more revenue.
  4. Native Ads – The native ad follows the natural function and form of the user experience. The ads are created to match the visual design to look and feel like natural content. The ad must behave and function just like natural content.
  5. Content Syndication – Companies have started pushing their video content, blogs, and website content through third-party sites. The idea behind content syndication is to draw more attention and engagement to your content. Many marketers are now using companies such as RealGravity and Taboola to share their content.

In Conclusion 

Mobile advertising has become a lucrative source of income for many businesses. Therefore, if your company is looking to expand your customer base or have your product seen by more people it’s wise to use mobile marketing. Any of these mobile marketing strategies can help your company reach a larger targeted audience.



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