How Can Retailers Entice People to Buy a Product?

Storefront owners need a way to compete with online businesses. Therefore, it is necessary to understand what makes a customer buy from a store. As a retailer, you first must understand what triggers a customer to buy a certain product. The subconscious mind plays a major role in all customers’ decision-making. Before a person realizes they will buy a product their subconscious mind has already convinced them they need this product. 

Many retail businesses use Neuromarketing to help drive their customers buying decisions. The study of Neuromarketing is relatively new to businesses today. Many large companies hire specialized companies that conduct studies on what makes a customer buy a certain product. The company understands what triggers the electroencephalograms in the brain. Furthermore, through the use of eye-tracking technology and functional magnetic resonance imaging they can determine the best way to attract customers to buy a certain product.   

What techniques do neuromarketers use to attract customers to buy certain products? 

  1. Display Windows: In your display window never have your mannequin’s eyes looking straight ahead. Turn the heads of your mannequins left or right to make better eye contact with your customers. When your customers walk by they feel obliged to stop and look.
  2. Smells: Use the smells of floral or citrus throughout your store. According to the Scent Marketing Institute people are more likely to browse longer in your store when they smell floral or citrus. The sense of smell is a powerful tool and a subconscious motivator. The smell of talcum powder will give your clients the feeling of security and nostalgia. Furthermore, when your clients smells the scent of lavender or vanilla it gives them a relaxed feeling. Finally, in your dressing rooms always use the smells of floral or citrus to cover up the odors of people trying on clothes.
  3. Music: Music is another powerful motivator for your clients. Play music that targets your client’s emotions or memories. The music should be newer versions of what was popular when you were 18. This gives your clients a good feeling of the old days without making them feel they are stuck in the past.
  4. Lighting: The lighting in your store plays an important role. Use warm and soft lighting in your clothing departments. Try to avoid bright blinding lights in your store and use softer, warmer lighting. This gives your customers a sense of relaxation when they shop.
  5. Pricing: Place a $20 dollar shirt next to a $40 dollar shirt. The client is tricked into believing that the $20 dollar shirt is a bargain.
  6. Color: The colors of your sale signs are important. Use red ink on your sale signs to give your markdowns a more drastic effect. This helps sell your products because it gives your customers a more compelling feeling.


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