Does Network Security Affect Your Business?

Every business owner should understand what network security means for their company. However, there are a few small businesses that don’t think it’s important or applies to their company. Furthermore, your company needs to worry about your network security if you use computers, access the Internet, or share files between your employees. Not protecting your network leaves your company vulnerable to hackers and loss of important information.

How can network security affect your company?

There are several ways network insecurities affect your business.

  1. Confidential Data – All businesses today store confidential data on their network. The information stored on your network servers is automatically at risk if it’s not protected. An unsecured network leaves your company vulnerable to hackers and potential data loss. Having a strong network security protects your company from data breaches, regulatory fines, and loss of vital information.
  2. Data Destruction – Once a hacker breaches a network he goes to work stealing valuable information. The hacker creates an account, commandeers your server, or holds your server for ransom. Furthermore, the hacker can start deleting valuable information that is pertinent to your company’s survival. If your company doesn’t have a network security plan in place that backs up your data, you’ll lose valuable information forever. This can destroy your business and you’ll be forced to close your doors.
  3. Compromised Data – Hackers not only steal data, but they also manipulate your data. Changing or manipulating a customer’s financial records can destroy your business. Furthermore, your company is responsible for protecting your customers' information. Therefore, implementing a strong network security plan is vital for your business. This protects your company’s financial records.

How to implement network security measures for your business:

If your business relies heavily on computers, it’s important to implement network security measures. Your company needs to hire an IT professional with a master’s degree in networking to design and implement a plan for your business. The plan should include 4 phases:

  1. Implement authorization measures and stringent authentication to secure your network.
  2. Monitor the new security measures for effectiveness.
  3. Simulate a number of data breaches in your network to isolate your network’s weaknesses.
  4. Change, strengthen, and revise your network security measures to safeguard against the weaknesses found in your network.

In Conclusion 

A strong network security measure needs to be tested and revised periodically. As your network changes, so should your security measures. Furthermore, as new threats arise your security team needs to immediately address these threats and increase the security of your network.


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