How Your Company Can Keep File Sharing Secure

Businesses today have data everywhere. Companies now share information using a multitude of platforms, across a variety of mobile devices. Currently, organizations are faced with securing BYOD and BYOA (bring your own apps) within and outside their networks.

Different applications such as OneNote and Dropbox were developed for the sole purpose of helping people collaborate and share files easily. Unfortunately, the convenience of these applications puts corporate security and governance policies at risk. Therefore, your company must use different protocols to keep your data secure, but allow your employees to successfully collaborate. 

  1. Information Right Management – Your data security is of the utmost importance when your employees create documents to share across different platforms with other mobile devices. Therefore, you must enforce restrictions or governance policies for all your employees. Otherwise, it’s impossible to guarantee the data being shared hasn’t reached a wider audience than you’ve intended. Set your documents sharing, editing, and restricted viewing right. This helps your company limit the risk of your data being exposed.
  2. Governance Policies – All businesses must have different comprehensive information governance policies that focus on data being generated and shared. Different collaboration tools must meet these policies. This protects your business, legal, and regulatory obligations.
  3. Updates - Many businesses use outdated core systems which interfere with collaboration tools and limit their usage. Therefore, employees turn to outside resources and apps to find a better solution for sharing information. Unfortunately, this endangers company’s data security and puts data at risk. Your company needs to upgrade your outdated core systems. This improves your file sharing efforts and secures your data.
  4. Corporate Subscriptions – To improve your network security supply your employees with a corporate account subscription for Google Docs or Dropbox. The corporate account gives your company the security you need and your employees an easy way to share documents.
  5. EFSS (enterprises file sync and share) – The new EFSS tool gives your employees a broad range of cloud-based or on-premises apps they can use to share files. An EFSS solution adds a layer of security for your company. The EFSS tool was designed to align with the business environment and data security measures. Furthermore, this gives your employees an effective way to collaborate with co-workers.



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