How a Microsite Can Amplify Your Marketing Campaign

Every entrepreneur and brand manager knows that corporate websites are crucial in maintaining their integrities in marketing and advertising. They strategize different ways on how to keep their websites updated and see to it that they are at par with the rest of their competition. The sad part is some of them have no idea about building microsites.

A microsite is a website, but basically smaller and easier to use. Generally, it is a branded content site that lives outside the company’s homepage. It is an effective way to send a focused message personalized for a product, campaign or service.

Microsites can be divided into two classes:

  • Web sites that publish content consistently. These sites act like media sites, in that they publish original content on a regular schedule. This category is very challenging to pull off. It’s not easy to launch, develop and maintain a content site that stays relevant, and that people actually want to read. 
  • Web sites which are based around a campaign. Campaign-based microsites are independent sites built for the only purpose of supporting a branded campaign. They are launched, occupied with content, augmented using whatever strategy the brand sees fit, and then left alone.

Here are 4 reasons why a microsite can help boost your marketing campaign.


  1. Microsites definitely promote cost-effectiveness. Building and mounting a microsite is one of the best solutions for marketers with low budgets. Not only does it take a shorter period of time to develop than a full website, a microsite is also cheaper to put up because it has fewer elements and content to build, create and sustain. Creating a microsite may not always be the first digital solution marketers think of these days, but the reality is that having one is an excellent complement to any traditional or online campaign. Microsites are valuable, cost-effective and time-efficient platforms for brand new services, seasonal products, and short-term promotional campaigns, among many others, to reach a specific audience.
  2. Microsites enhance awareness. To have a microsite means that you’ll have an additional platform to increase awareness positively about a specific product and your brand in general. Think about how valuable it can be when you want to educate your customers about a new product your company is launching.
  3. Microsites are more specific and targeted. Corporate websites typically try to cover all bases: from career opportunities to company overviews. With a microsite, you can give both your existing and potential customers an all-in-one place to find information specific to your product, service, or campaign. They will have a better user experience when they find what they are looking for with fewer pages to navigate in comparison to your main site.
  4. Microsites develop faster than a website. Microsites are a lot quicker and easier to develop because they have fewer pages, modules and content. It is for this reason that microsites are perfect marketing tools for seasonal products and short promotional campaigns. Put a microsite quickly, then take it down as soon as you need to. Another advantage of this is that you don’t run the risk of causing any issues with your main corporate site.



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