6 Ways to get the Most out of Your CEM Efforts

Customer satisfaction is vital in today’s market for any business to survive. However, in the market place today there are loyalty-leading companies and loyalty-lagging companies when it comes to their customer experience management (CEM) efforts. In order for loyalty-lagging companies to change their customer experience they first need to identify their best practices and adopt these practices to their CEM efforts. This will help their company increase their customer loyalty.

What do companies need to change to increase their customer loyalty?

1. Customer feedback is import to incorporate into your goals and strategy. 

A major part of determining a company’s goals and strategies requires the company to allocate a large amount of their resources to improve customer loyalty. Customer feedback and surveys will help any company to identify their customer loyalty key drivers. The key drivers are important to companies because they identify where their company’s customer performance is suffering and what is the most import aspect of their company to their customers.

2. Customer metrics need to be included in your dashboards. 

It is vital to a company’s survival to know exactly where they are today. Your CEM executive dashboards help to measure the health of your company, track your progress, and provide you with high-level metrics. The CX metrics in your executive dashboards help your company to ensure your customers are always part of your executive meeting agenda. Furthermore, customer metrics help executives direct their attention to focus on improving the company’s customer metrics.

3. Social media and community boards are a great tool to use for resolving customer complaints. 

Today social media offer your customers an important channel to interact and communicate with your business. Social media channels offer your business a way to drive your brand, engage with customers, understand your customer’s sentiments, and help to engage your social influence. Furthermore, social media will help improve your customer support and loyalty.

4. Monitor your CX metrics to ensure they are reliable, useful, and contain valid information.

The information in your CX metrics is used in your executive dashboards and company reports. Your company also uses your CX metrics in all your analytic efforts. Therefore, using the right CX metrics will help you to optimize your company’s efforts and find the right customer insights. Your CX metrics must be defined clearly, provide measurements, predict valuable outcomes, and be calculated correctly. 

5. Your company always needs to benchmark your results. 

If your company is to receive greater shares of revenues from your customers, you need to increase your standing with your competition. In order to improve your ranking, your company must know how your customers rank you compared to your competitors. Also, you need to understand the reasons behind your customers' ranking. Using feedback from your customers will help your company to benchmark your efforts, performance, and feedback with your customers.

6. Operational and business process metrics need to integrate with your customer feedback. 

Your business needs to facilitate your customer communication to ensure the right employee handles these customers and has the right information available. Integrating your customer feedback with your different business processes gives your employees easy access to your customer information. Furthermore, every level of your company needs to understand your customers’ needs so they can deliver a better customer experience. When your company links your customer communication and feedback with your different business processes you will uncover valuable information and be able to discover your customer insights.

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