How can a Start-up Business Reach Their Targeted Audience?

If you are new to Internet marketing, social media, e-commerce, and blogs, your first objective is to determine your targeted audience. You need to determine what type of customers you want to reach, their age group, and geographical location. In order to narrow down your targeted audience there are a few simple questions you can answer that will help you.

  1. What is the ethnic group you want to sell to?
  2. What is the age group you want to target? 
  3. What is the gender you are targeting?
  4. Do you want to target married couples, singles, divorcees, or widows?
  5. Do you want to target parents?
  6. What is the education level of the people you want to target?
  7. What geographic area do you want to target?
  8. Do you want to target people with a certain hobby/interest? 

You now need to sit down and map out your answers on a spreadsheet or other document. The more you understand about the customers you want to target the easier it will be to design your marketing campaign. 

Your next step is to design a website that appeals to your targeted audience. It is important that your website design, blog, and social media account all centers on your targeted audience. One of the advantages of marketing on the Internet, is it allows you the freedom to design your campaign around your targeted audience. 

How to target different type of customers

Marketing online or marketing your products in the media is the same. When you design your advertising, website, blog, and social media accounts certain color themes, products, and dialect will appeal more to some customers than others.

That is why it is so important that you understand what type of customers you are targeting. This will help you meet the needs of your targeted audience and grab their attention. When you add certain features, colors, and dialect to your website you can attract more customers from your targeted audience to visit your website. This helps you to gain your customers' attention, trust, and loyalty.

How to market your new business 

When you design your first marketing campaign, be creative, innovative, and try using the latest technology. You also need to keep in mind your targeted audience and how they will view your campaign. Design a campaign that can be viewed on mobile devices and home computers. More people today use mobile devices to view their emails, websites, and blogs. Stay away from animation and flash videos that take a long time to load on a mobile device. Limit your images to photos that can quickly download to any mobile device. 

Your company is new to online marketing and it is important that you remember that it is quality that counts and not quantity. When you start building your opt-in list don’t buy email listing, but concentrate on people who are interested in your products. Today online marketing has changed and it is no longer about how many people visit your website or how many people are on your email list. It is about building trust, confidence, and loyalty with your products and services.


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