How can new Business Owners Avoid the Common Pitfalls in Blogging?

After opening your new business it is important for your company to start a blog site. This helps to promote your company, products, and services. A blog site will help your company market your new products, communicate with potential customers, and keep in touch with your targeted audience. 

When you first start a blog there are some common pitfalls to avoid that all new bloggers fall into. There are 7 pitfalls that you need to be aware of when opening your new blog.

1. Not keeping your blog professional 

When you first start blogging you need to keep your blog professional. Your blog entries or posts need to relate to your company and your expertise. The blog for your company isn’t a web diary where you post about your life or other related topics. Focus on your company, your products, and helping your customers.

  • When a customer asks a question, never give him a nonsense answer. Instead be professional and help your customer to understand their question.
  • Before writing your blog post it is important to do a keyword search on your subject. Your posts need to include the keywords embedded throughout your article.
  • Ask your customers what they want or need. Never assume what you write about will satisfy your customer’s needs. It is important to center your articles around your customers.

2. Not understanding your blog features 

New bloggers have no idea about the software they are using for their blog. Before you make your first post on your new blog, research the blog software you are using. Understand all the features of your blog. You need to have a basic knowledge of how to use your blog for visibility and accessibility. Furthermore, you need to understand how trackbacks and permanent links work. These two features are important for your blog and necessary for its success. 

3. Your blog has no categories

Your blog site isn’t designed with categories to help the readers follow your posts. Many readers will be confused about your blog topics or what you are writing about. When designing your blog it is important to map out the blog’s main message. What do you want to focus on and what benefits do you want to give to your readers. Create your blog categories based on your main message, focus, and benefits for your readers. 

4. Your blog doesn’t reflect your business 

Your new blog doesn’t reflect your business and is confusing to your customers. The blog entries don’t relate to your company, products, or services. When you first start blogging your new blog has to be an extension of your business. Create a blog that gives your customers a feeling they are doing business with your company. Your blog is a direct reflection of your business image and brand.

5. You don’t spend enough time on your blog 

One of the major problems with new business blogs is the time they invest in their blog. Most new bloggers don’t take the time to research other blogs in the same field. They have no idea what other companies are writing about or the strategies they are using. It is vital to the success of your new company that you understand what is happening in the market around you.

It is your responsibility to take the time for your blog. Be committed to your customers by letting them know you are there for them. They need to understand that they can contact you at any time through your blog. Your presence is important to your customers. So spend the time on your new blog and commit to your customers.

6. Your blog has no articles to help your customers 

Most new business blogs are filled with new product promotions and advertising. Your customers want to read relevant articles that will help them better their lives. If all your customers see on your blog is marketing they will become bored and leave. 

To keep your customers, you need to supply them with topics they are interested in. Instead of posting new product promotions, find related topics about your company and write about them. Your customer needs information and it is up to you to supply this information. 

7. You have stopped visiting your blog site 

Your new business is taking more time than you had expected. Therefore, you have not updated your blog in a long time. Your customers have started to abandon your new blog because the information is outdated. It is important to keep your blog current and always supply your targeted market with new information. If your business is taking too much time away from your blog, you will need to hire a person to keep your blog updated. Many new businesses find it easier to hire a freelance writer to update their blog on a regular basis. 

To have a successful startup of your new company and blog, pay attention to the pitfalls many new bloggers fall into. Avoid these critical mistakes on your blog to help your new business grow. Blogs are an important feature of your new business. Always supply your customers with relevant information and keep your blog updated.


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