How to Achieve Better Cloud Performance

Since more and more workloads are moving to the cloud, it is essential that companies believe in the efficiency of their cloud service. It is vital that they believe cloud service will meet the needs of their business and provide value for money. However, many companies usually launch a cloud service with little confidence of its abilities. The fact is that poor performance is not acceptable, whether you are using public cloud service provider or you are a company creating a private cloud.

When it comes to the cloud, absolute reliability is impossible. Cloud services may promise high availability, but they are not resistant to experiencing an outage. Apart from availability, cloud services need to have high performance in order to provide excellent experience for end-users. But, almost every cloud provider can only offer an SLA, leaving customers with limited levels of availability. If performance issues occur, it can be harmful for the business since performance measures are not that common.

According to the latest research, many businesses think that cloud service providers offer SLAs that are too plain. In addition, 60% of businesses believe that co-located tenants have a negative influence on the performance of their applications by taking the greatest share of shared resources. This problem refers mostly to peak hours of the day when businesses are logged on at the same time. For this reason, cloud providers should provide the constancy of computing resources.

With this problem in mind, users have to demand granular SLA insurances around performance. Businesses can insure greater stability behind cloud workloads. They should demand SLAs that can meet their goals and set the variables of their SLAs so that the most important areas of the business can be protected.

Today, the loyalty of users is important and having a poor end-user experience can only mean lost income. Every user is important, so the availability report on a monthly basis does not offer the insights essential to protect income and moreover, act quickly to fix problems. What businesses need is continuous insight into performance from the viewpoint of every single customer. They also need an insight into public cloud infrastructure to recognize network progress delays. Additionally, they should make their SLAs to make cloud providers responsible for identifying noisy neighbors, to prevent any performance impaction.

In conclusion

What users want from cloud providers is more than just availability. The performance is also relevant and it has a great influence on business operations. It will take time for cloud providers to align their SLAs with the users’ needs. Meanwhile, businesses can supervise the performance of their services instead of depending on the provider’s often unclear reports. This will enable a business to be in charge and understand the real potential of the cloud.



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