How to Choose the Right CMMS for your Corporation

Your organization needs a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) to track, calculate associated costs of the work, and upkeep assets. The software helps organizations prolong the lifespan of their assets with minimal expense. Depending on your business, CMMS offers software for fleet management, aircraft MRO, web-based solutions, and equipment maintenance.

What to look for in a CMMS software package.

  1. Asset Tracking: The software needs to maintain information about your assets, including your building, fleets, equipment, and machines. The software should record your asset purchases, warranty information, expected lifetime, costs, depreciation, and upkeep history. Finally, the software should be able to be used by different departments, including maintenance and accounting.
  2. Inventory Tracking and Purchasing: The software modules need to track parts, material request, tools, and routine upkeep. Look for special features that include scheduling, auto-notifies you to order more materials, and supports multiple currencies. Also, a CMMS has a purchasing module to track the purchase of supplies, total cost, quantity ordered, and data ordered. A good CMMS sends out an automated request to suppliers for quotes whey our stock is low.
  3. Preventive Maintenance: The CMMS modules should allow you to schedule tasks by setting up triggers, dates, or meter readings. Furthermore, you should be able to view a calendar for your current and future maintenance activities, set up custom groups and routes. The good CMMS software includes a preventive task library to help you define the right tasks and their procedures.
  4. Predictive Upkeep and Condition Monitoring: The software package should help you predict surprise failures before they happen. Furthermore, it should analyze your history, trends for your asset performance. Also, the software should automatically schedule maintenance tasks based on temperature, corrosion, noise, vibration, pressure and flow. You should be able to define your upper and lower boundaries for each of your parameters. Then create a work order when one of your readings fails.
  5. Work Order: Your software needs to manage and process your work orders. This includes tracking your downtime, recommending actions, recoding cost, assigning personnel, tracking progress, and reserving your materials. Furthermore, a good software package includes notification settings, routing information, and allows your employees to submit work order requests.

Computerized Maintenance Management System Software:

  1. Maintenance Connection
  2. eMaint X3
  3. MaintenanceEdge by FacilityDude
  4. FasTrak FT Maintenance
  5. Infor EAM
  6. Assetpoint TabWare
  7. Real Asset Management Maintenance5000
  8. HippoFM
  9. MicroMain Maintenance Software
  10. MPulse


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