How to Regain Control of Your Email Inbox

Today email has become one of the most prevalent platforms for communicating and sharing information. However, all too often your email inbox becomes out of control. Unfortunately, this takes an extraordinary amount of time to sort through your incoming messages. Furthermore, we’re faced with spam, mail subscriptions, and scams filling up our inbox. Fortunately, there’s something we can now do about this chaos in our inbox. Try a few of these tools featured below to gain back control of your inbox. 

  1. Gusto – Download the app from the iTunes store. Afterwards, start managing all your emails in one place. The app arranges your emails into four categories: photo, mail, files, and all messages. With this app, you can find photos embedded in your messages or sent as an attachment. Furthermore, you can easily find your forgotten pictures or a message that was buried in your inbox. This is a fantastic app to help consolidate your inbox.
  2. Voxa – This is a free web-based platform that uses an intelligent filter to learn which messages you respond to quickly and which ones you delete. Furthermore, the platform tracks your contacts to determine your strongest relationships and most important contacts.
  3. Tellwise – Anyone in sales understands the importance of a customer’s email. Lost or forgotten emails can cost you a sale. That’s why the Tellwise platform can help revolutionize your sales communication and grow your business. Furthermore, you’ll no longer have to worry about forgetting an important message. The platform controls your inbox and helps you move an important message from your inbox to real-time chat. You can now customize your messages. The Smart Message feature will notify you when your recipient or client is online reading your message. Afterwards, chat with your customer in real-time. This fantastic platform helps you close more business deals for your company.
  4. GFI MailEssentials – If your company’s looking for the perfect solution to sanitize and filter emails, then look no further. GFI MailEssentials is a server-based email security solution for any business. The email security gateway can block 99% of the spam messages, has numerous built-in email hygiene filters, five virus scanning engines, and more to protect your employees’ email inbox.  


There are many ways to take control of your business’s email inbox today. Any combination of these 4 inbox solutions will help your business to control spam, increase sales, arrange emails, and find your messages quicker. If you’re a business owner, it’s important to gain back control of your company’s email inbox today.



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