How to Get the Best Advertising for Your Small Business

It is axiomatic that the best advertising for any business, small or large, is advertising that actually works. The fee a small business owner pays for advertising would not be a concern if the result of the advertising could be known in advance.

If, for example, you as a small business owner, had a choice of paying $1000 per month for really effective advertising, which brought in a guarantee of at least $2000 profit, or paying $500 per month which brought in $750 worth of profits per month, there would clearly be no reason for hesitation.  The savvy entrepreneur would happily fork out $1000 per month for the advertising.  However, small business advertising has no such guarantee.  It is not like purchasing some kind of appliance, for example, which is guaranteed to do its job. If you spend $1000 on advertising, it might bring in $8000 worth of profit, or it might bring in zero.  So, how do you manage this as a small business owner, especially if you handle a limited budget?

The best way to overcome this problem is to use advertising which only charges you if and when it actually works. There are a number of ways of doing this:

The first and foremost method is called pay-per-click.  This option, via the Internet, is available on countless online merchant sites besides hundreds of national and international newspapers.  In simple terms, a small business agrees to pay a prearranged amount to the publisher or merchant site for every advert which entices a prospective customer to come to the business site.  The price paid is usually an amount which the business owner has bid on.  More and more newspapers are now offering this option, in these modern times when they are struggling to remain competitive online alongside eBay, Craigslist, and similar pure-play marketing and classified sites.

There is another option available to small business owners to pay-per-click and inexpensive advertising: if they want to concentrate on targeting local customers they can advertise in regional publications or some of the large-scale metropolitan newspapers and groups which offer citizen media sites.  These zoned products offer a much smaller financial outlay because the small business owner is buying the local neighbourhood coverage instead of the total metropolitan circulation of the said newspaper.

There are companies such as YourHub, spawned by the Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News, which license these citizen media sites to other newspapers in different areas. They welcome small-business advertising and give a discount on the price.  Citizen journalism is also encouraged on these sites.  The small-scale entrepreneur can contribute local stories, articles and photos, although there is no doubt that the paper will edit anything which is unashamedly self-serving. That being so, it is still an excellent soft-sell way for a local  business owner to introduce him/herself to the community in a way that is casual and friendly.

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