6 Ways to Help Your Sales Team use Their BI Technology

Today there is no shortage of products available on the market to help your sales team improve their productivity with prospecting and cross selling. Unfortunately, most sales teams don’t leverage the full potential of these products that are saturating our market today. Many sales leaders have the misconception that they are doing enough by providing their team with these products and this should encourage their usage. Most members of a sales team are unaware of all the capabilities these products have so many of them neglect to use the products. 

Today, business information technology (BI) has given us the ability to significantly improve the company’s bottom line. However, this information is wasted because most members of a sales team have no idea how to use what is available. Therefore, it is your job to help your sales team understand how to use these products so you can take full advantage on your product investment.

How can you help your sales team? 

1. Provide your sales team with proper training.

Your sales enablement technology vendor and your internal sales leaders need to provide your sales team with the proper training so they can take full advantage of the recourses available. By supplying training from the vendor account manager will help your sales team understand a holistic view of the products offered. Furthermore, your sales leaders will provide your team members with a complete understanding of the features and how they can help your team members in their day-to-day work.

2. Your sales team needs a strategic sales process.

In order to incorporate technology into your sales teams daily routine your sales leaders need to develop a strategic sales process. Each day your team members need to set aside time in the morning or evening to prioritize their targets and dig into the new sales technology and how they can use it in their job. If your sales team doesn’t take time to understand this technology they will continue to use older, outdated methods. These methods hold back your team when new sophisticated technology is available today.

3. Have your sales team members use alerts and triggers. 

Many BI systems have alerts or triggers for your team members to use. These help your team to be proactive when new opportunities or events present themselves. Many sales personal don’t use these alerts and instead prefer to continue using manual searches. Your sales team needs to use the BI technology available today to help them identify their prospect in real time. The new technology will help your team members to capitalize on opportunities quickly, with minimal effort. 

4. Build a relationship with your account manager.

When members of your sales team build relationships with your dedicated vendor account manager they spend less time learning the new platform and more time deriving value of the platform. The reason your software vendor offers you an account manager is so your team members can benefit from their answers to their questions concerning the software. Encourage your sales team members and leader to contact your account manager.

5. Create goals for your sales team members. 

By creating goals and identifying achievements can help your sales team members use your BI system more efficiently. This gives your team members insight about why you have invested in this product and how this product can provide benefits to your team members. This way your team members can better use the solutions the platform offers to derive value in the manner intended.

6. Encourage your team members to share their success stories.

In all businesses the sales leader is responsible for motivating their team members to achieve the company’s sales goals. This encouragement also needs to apply to your BI technology and how members use this system. Your sales leaders need to share the success stories of other team members about how this person leveraged a specific technology in your BI system that helped them. This will encourage other members of your team to use this new technology in their daily work. Furthermore, this encourages all members of your team to emulate the actions of other members and helps to inspire widespread usage of your BI system platform.

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