How to Improve Your Technical Support

Many hardware and software vendors are faced with the ongoing problems of maintaining a Technical Support call center. Today, many electronic devices, computers, and apps require the assistance of a Technical Support technician to help the person configure their new device. After purchasing certain electron devices, computer applications, and mobile devices some customers find themselves frustrated and anxious when trying to find answers about their new products. Unfortunately, for business owners hiring a technical support technician is expensive and each call they receive lowers their profits.

If your business is faced with the problem of maintaining a technical support call center maybe it’s time to re-invent your business’s technical support unit. A recent survey showed that seventy-four percent of technical, business owners don’t have a well-designed customer experience strategy. Therefore, your company can gain a competitive edge in the marketplace by offering a better technical support solution.

How you can transform your technical support offering to increase your customer satisfaction and your ROI.

1. Consider offering your customers paid technical support.

When companies are faced with opening a technical support call center, they understand the need, but at the same time they have a costly expense to add to the budget. Most business owners view this department as a non-revenue generating necessity and a critical customer touch-point. By offering your customers paid technical support you can turn your support department into a profit center. Therefore, PTS offers your company an improved customer experience, happy buyers, and also delivers bottom-line results. By offering PTS your customer is willing to pay more for your products that provide them with better services. This allows your company to move upward in your product pricing by increasing your product value and providing better service.

2. Use your technical support team as part of your sales force.

Many companies who offer technical support find that their staff has a unique opportunity to promote and sell their products when interacting with customers. When your technical support team offers customer’s upgrade possibilities this carries more influence than if your sales team offered them the same upgrade. Therefore, your customers are more likely to upgrade their existing product after their initial questions and problems are solved. Your technical support staff can increase your up-sell, improve service proficiency, and increase revenues for your company.

3. Increase your customer’s experience and keep your loyal customers.

By the year 2020 more than fifty million devices will be offered on the Internet. With the rapid technological innovation we see today, this will leave consumers fighting a steep learning curve with many disappointments. With each painful experience you risk the chance of unhappy customers and brand loyalty. Therefore, your company must maintain an open channel of communication with your customers to help them through their new learning experience. Your company’s technical support staff is critical for your business to enhance your customer’s experience and maintain loyalty. Therefore, offering quality technical support is just as important to your business as your product. You must understand that customers technical frustration results in a poor reputation, lost revenues, and customers leaving your business. However, by offering a positive technical support experience your customers will stay loyal to your company.

4. Give your customer complete technical support no matter what products they own.

Today, consumers purchase different brands for their home and need technical assistance when one device will not connect correctly with another brand. Your company can leap ahead of your competition by providing complete customer support for all their products. By offering an enhanced customer experience and employing expert staff members your company wins the client’s loyalty and generates revenues. Therefore, this makes your company the single trusted advisor for all your customers’ technical needs. Also, you earn the influence over your clients for their future buying decisions.

5. Adopt an omni-channel strategy to meet your customer’s needs.

To provide quality technical support you first need to understand how your customer’s are reaching out to you. Today, clients make fewer phone calls for technical support and rarely send emails. The communication preference for most clients is through social media queries. By communicating with your customers through their preferred channel of choice and offering robust self-service options your company proves your customers matter.

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