How to Lower Your eCommerce Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate

Many people find shopping online convenient and have chosen to buy a majority of their products through eCommerce stores. However, most new eCommerce stores have a problem with their shopping cart design. This is causing them to lose sales and have their shopping carts abandoned during the checkout. 

Certain research and surveys have found that most new eCommerce sites lose over 75% of their sales during the checkout phase. This is because the new websites don’t have any idea how difficult their shopping cart checkout is. Many new eCommerce sites have chosen to use an eCommerce free shopping cart template or software for their online storefront. Therefore, they are losing sales because of this. 

It is recommended that you throw your free shopping cart template or software away and design a shopping cart and checkout that is easy for your customer to use. When you design your new shopping cart you should pay close attention to 4 important design elements that will lower your shopping cart abandonment rate.

1. Design a shopping cart checkout that uses fewer steps. 

New eCommerce sites seem to create a lot of unnecessary steps for their customers to use during checkout. They feel that they should collect as much information about the person to help them improve their shopping experience. When, in fact, this is the wrong way to do it. 

The checkout should be simple and use the fewest possible steps. Therefore, if you have too many steps for your customer to perform during the checkout they will abandon their shopping carts. Facilitate your checkout process and make it as quick and simple as you can for your customers. This will reduce the number of clients abandoning their shopping carts.

2. During the checkout and payment phase use indicators for your customers.

Indicators are a great way to let your customers know how many steps they will need to complete during the checkout and payment process. After each step is completed, let your customer know they only have one or two more steps to complete. 

People like to know how much time they need to spend to pay for the items they want. By telling your customer they only need to complete one or two more steps will reduce your shopping cart abandonment rate. 

3. Pictures are important for all eCommerce sites.

When people shop in your market, they love to remove the items from your shelves and inspect them. Unfortunately, this isn’t possible online. However, you can increase your shopper's experience by supplying them with pictures. Make it easy for them to enlarge your images and add different pictures of your product for them to see. Furthermore, once a person selects an item to add to your shopping cart, you need to add a picture instead of a description.

When it is time to check out the person can see all the items in their shopping cart and can inspect them one last time. Your customers need to be reassured that they have made the right choice before paying for their items.

4. Provide your customer with the total cost of each item. 

People don’t like surprises when it comes time to pay for an item. They want to know how much taxes and shipping they need to pay. Therefore, it is important that you provide your customer with a total price of each item that includes sales tax and shipping. Your customers want to know how much they will pay for the item they have selected. 

Therefore, when a person selects an item and adds it to their shopping cart it is important that you inform the customer of their total cost they will pay. Furthermore, if you offer free shipping on orders over a certain amount this should be indicated after the item is added to the shopping cart. This indication gives your clients an incentive to continue shopping so they don’t have to pay shipping costs. 

In Conclusion

Many new eCommerce sites lose over 75% of their sales due to shopping cart abandonment. You can increase your sales and lower your abandonment rate by changing the way your customer checks out of your store. Make it easy for your customer to use the checkout, add pictures of the items to their shopping cart, and eliminate the surprise at the end of how much they need to pay. Let you customer know early what their sales tax and shipping costs will be when they check out of your store.

Image:  Shopping Button by renjith krishnan

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