How to Organize Your Life with Fere Android Apps

Your life has become one business meeting, doctor appointment, school play, football practice, and project deadline. How to organize all these events and still have time for yourself? Now is the time to put the power of your mobile device to work for you so you’ll never miss a deadline, run late for a meeting, or lose your notes again. Here are ten free Android apps to help you organize your data and maybe find some free time for yourself. 

1. MyLifeOrganized:

The free apps offers you a task manager, outliner, to-do-list and uses an unlimited task hierarchy to help you focus on your needs. You have the ability to break down large tasks, organize your projects, tasks, and assign contexts. Set a due data for your projects, prepare simple task lists and keep on top of all your appointments. The app automatically updates your completed tasks and allows you to move them to another location.

2. uNote:

With uNote you can organize your notes and use bullet points on this simple to use notepad app.

3. Check:

The Check app helps you to organize your bills, payment schedules, and know how much money you have to spend. With the simple to use app you will never be overdrawn again and have to pay overdraft charges.

4. Business Cards Organized:

Organize and store all your business cards on your Android. The app takes a photo of your business cards, organizes the cards, and allows you to add notes for each business card file.

5. Sticky:

The app allows you to post notes on your screen to remind you of appointments, deadlines, meetings, and create to-do-lists. The app has different colored sticky notes you can use to prioritize your notes and even send your notes to your email account.

6. GetHub 

Allows you to create, discuss issues, stay up-to-date with news feeds, and manages your account through an easy to use dashboard. The dashboard allows you to stay connected to issues of importance, you have been assigned, the ones you are participating in and reported.

7. Chaos Control:

The app is designed for startup business owners, entrepreneurs, and busy people. The get-things done task manager and goal-driven to-do list can control and help you manage your goals.

8. My Effectiveness Habits:

The app gives you full control to keep a clear vision so you can concentrate on your goals and roles, plan your actions and projects. The app increases your overall productivity and provides you with feedback and motivation to help you accomplish the goals you have set.

9. Google Keep:

This app can quickly capture what’s on your mind by allowing you to record a voice message and have it transcribed, take a photo of a poster or document and easily find it later.

10. ColorNote:

This is another notepad app that gives you an easy way to create to-do-lists, write a memo, email your notes, create a message, and edit your daily tasks.


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