How to Prevent a DMCA Takedown of an Image

A DMCA is a “cease and desist” issued to websites or blog owners for using material from another website without the owner’s written permission. This order can apply to images, blog posts, videos, free eBooks, or PDF files. Therefore, it is important for all new companies just starting off to understand how they can avoid receiving a DMCA notice.

As a new business owner, you have a limited budget and need to find ways to advertise and create your brand online. Therefore, a blog and website is an excellent way to start your new business. However, with your limited budget, you don’t have the money to pay for a photographer to take the images for your blog posts.

When it comes time to post your first article to your blog you find out that you need an image. The Internet is the perfect resource to find your image. Unfortunately, not all images on the Internet can be used on your blog. Certain images carry a copyright and the owner doesn’t want to share his images for free. Unless you contact the owner, pay for the image or receive written permission, you can receive a DMCA notice and a heavy fine. That is why it is important to know where you can find images for your blog post that you have permission to use.

Free Public Domain or Creative Commons Images Sources:

  • Dreamstime The website offers you 31,379,851 royalty-free stock images to use for your website or blog. The site requires you to create an account that is free of charge. You can use any of the images that are royalty-free or fall under the RF-LL terms. Before downloading and using the site’s images you should read their terms and conditions
  • Morguefile  The free photo archives are high-resolution digital stock photographs or reference images. They can be downloaded and used by the public or businesses. Just create an account and log in to search for the perfect image for blog or website.
  • Public Domain Pictures  You can find 97,983 free images on the site for your blog or website. Some images require a model or property release. Furthermore, if you select an image containing or featuring a product you should use it with care.
  • Stockvault Join the site and help the community grow. You are free to download the images on the site or upload a few of your own. All the images and illustrations on the site are contributed by photographers, designers and students.
  • Death To The Stock Photo If you are interested in receiving beautiful high resolution images each month for free, then create an account and the site will send you free stock images you can use for your blog posts or any social media account.

These are just a few of the sites you can visit to find stock images for your blog or website. You might also be interested in a few other free image sites if you can’t find the perfect image for your post.

  1.  iStock 
  2.  PicJumbo
  3.  New Old Stock
  4.  Unsplash
  5.  Compfight 



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