How to Make Your Office Safe for Your Employees

As a business owner it’s your responsibility to protect your employees at work. Today, many employees have encountered sexual harassment, profanity, intimidation, and coercion at work. Furthermore, companies have had problems with disgruntled employees. 

Therefore, you need to carefully plan for the safety of each person that works for you. Afterwards, determine the vulnerabilities of your business by asking yourself these questions.

  1. Do you have an appropriate security system in your building?
  2. Does your phone system have access controls?
  3. Do you have a safe room for your employees to go to?
  4. Do you have a security guard that monitors your building?
  5. Do your employees have a panic button or emergency button they push in case of a problem?
  6. Does your company have a sign-in policy?
  7. Do you offer safety training for your employees?
  8. Do the inside and outside of your building have sufficient lighting?

When considering your employees safety you need to take all precautionary measures to protect your employees inside and outside of your office building.

Hiring and Firing 

What are your company’s policies for hiring a new employee?

  1. Define strict guideline for your HR department to follow when hiring a new employee.
  2. Perform a background check on the person.
  3. Determine if the person has a history of violence.
  4. Check with the person previous employers.

This protects your company and your employees. You don’t want to hire a person if they have a tendency towards violence or other disruptive behaviors. 

What are your company’s policies for terminating an employee? 

  1. Define strict policies for your HR department that outlines the termination process.
  2. Let the person know they will be terminated if the problems aren’t corrected.
  3. Offer placement services for the person.
  4. Define a severance pay package for the person. 

This minimizes the change an employee will seek revenge against your company or other employees. 

Examine Potential Threats

Answer the following question to determine if one of your employees has a problem.

  1. Do you have a person that is frequently absent from work?
  2. Do you have anyone that continually raises their voice at work?
  3. Do any of your employees show signs of depression?
  4. Do you have any employee that exhibits signs of being impatient?
  5. Is anyone in your workplace always irritable?
  6. Do any of your employees have problems with memory or concentration? 

Supply your HR department with procedures to handle unexpected problems at work. Your procedure needs to include:

  1. How to handle workplace violence.
  2. Encourage your employees to report any disruptive behavior to their department heads.
  3. Offer your employees counseling. 

Workplace Integrity

Look around your office and determine if: 

  1. All entry and exit points are secure.
  2. Check to see if your windows are secure.
  3. Create a procedure for reporting problems with windows, locks, and doors in your building.
  4. Ensure all employees working late in your building are protected when leaving. 

Information Safety

  1. Does your IT department have policies that protect the safety of your data?
  2. Does your company have formal policies for destroying sensitive documents?
  3. Has your IT department established policies concerning BYOD?
  4. Does your IT department give classes on Internet safety?
  5. How does your IT department handle a security breach, your employees' privacy, and confidential information? 

Implementing Office Security

After determining your workplace vulnerabilities you need to draft a set of procedures. The procedures need to include: 

  1. How to handle violence in the workplace.
  2. How to handle worst case scenarios that could result in harm to one of your employees.
  3. How to report an incident with another employee.
  4. The policies for hiring and firing an employee.
  5. Your building safety, doors, locks, windows and lighting.
  6. Your employees' safety and what to expect when arriving and leaving your building.
  7. Give each person a copy of your company’s new safety procedures.



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