How to Implement New Ideas at Your Medical Practice

Managing and growing a medical practice is challenging and frustrating, especially when all those bright ideas you’ve got just don’t ever seem to come to fruition.  This could be because the expensive management software you invested in simply doesn’t do what it claims to, or perhaps the independent management company you paid to help you is not well-versed in the medical business.  Consequently their ‘one size fits all’ system didn’t work.

Actually, it’s more likely that the idea you brought back with you from that seminar you attended would have been fantastic for your practice, but the staff member you tasked with making your discovery a reality simply didn’t implement it.  This can be infuriating and expensive.  After all, why waste your valuable time and money attending seminars and events only to find that your practice is not moving forward as it should?

You can change this.  And in doing so, you might just kick start a process that could see your practice blossom and grow just as you’ve always dreamed it would. 

First of all, consider what you need to do to ensure that your ideas actually get implemented.  Take a notebook and write everything down.


There’s no benefit in just charging at an idea with no clear plan as to how you’re going to make it work.  Think carefully about what specific things you want to implement, and in what order.  There may be a number of different areas you want to address.  For example, you might want to work on scheduling of appointments, prospecting for new clients or starting a baby clinic. 

Do you want to begin all of these new initiatives at once or individually?  Which is the highest priority and when do you want to have the new strategy in place by?  Write down your findings.  You now have a list of your basic end goals.

Now look at each goal in detail and write down the sequence of actions that will need to happen in order for that goal to be achieved within the timeframe you have set.  Now decide who is going to be responsible for each of these actions. 

You are going to need a reporting system to monitor the progress of each strand of your overall plan.  This will ensure that you are staying on track.  This program should also enable you to run statistics which will enable you to keep track of the results.

In conclusion

When you decide to introduce a new procedure or system to your practice, if you adopt a logical and systematic approach to implementation, you will not go far wrong.

A piece of good practice management software will provide you with all the tools you need to successfully transform your bright ideas into everyday working practices.  Make sure that both you and your practice manager attend a training course so that you are comfortable using the new software. 




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