Important Facts About Web Design You Need to Know

When you design your new website it is important to understand how a browser displays a web page. Each browser and mobile device have a unique way of displaying web pages. Your page layout, HTML coding, and the browser used will determine your web page loading time and how a viewer sees your web page. 

Here are the things your viewers won't see, but you need to know: 

Website Design 

If you are unfamiliar with HTML coding and website design, it is recommended that you hire a website designer. Depending on the number of pages, links, images, shopping cart, and videos will determine the price of your website. A website can cost your company $500 to $5000 depending on the company you use.


Templates should be avoided when designing your website. Many templates have heavy embedded code in the page design. If you design your own pages for your website you are ensured that the page HTML code will work in all browsers. Your page will load correctly on any browser or mobile device. 

Old Website Code 

Website code becomes obsolete when browser’s change their technology. It is important that you keep your website code updated so the search engine can locate your website. The HTML code affects the display of your pages and search engine results. Change your website’s HTML code when necessary so browsers will display your web pages correctly. 

Web Browsers 

When coding your web pages it is important to understand how each browser interrupts your HTML code. Certain coding on web pages is not recognized in some browsers. Other browsers have a unique way of loading your page code. It is important that you are familiar with CSS standards and HTML coding when you design your website. 

Website Code 

The coding of your web pages determines how your website is displayed in the search engine results. Coding your pages with keywords will make it easier for search engines to find your websites. The HTML coding on your pages is the foundation for your website and forms the relationship between your website and search engines. 

Page Layout

Your page layout determines how your site visitors can quickly browse your page and find key elements. It is important that a site visitor can scan your pages quickly and identify your key information. A good web page design can immediately direct any site visitor to the key elements on the page. 

Images and Videos 

Images and videos play an important role in website design. They can enhance your user experience or they can cause your website to perform poorly. Avoid using large images and videos that take too much time to load. Optimize your images to increase your website performance. 

Mobile Design

When designing your website it is important to use the responsive design technique. This technique can easily resize any page layout to fit the user’s screen size. Your web pages will display the same on all browsers and mobile devices. 

In Conclusion 

Website design is important for your business. You must understand HTML coding and CSS standards to successfully design your web pages. Changing outdated coding is important for your website rating. If you have difficulties understand coding and CSS standards, it is recommended that your company hire a professional web site designer.



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