Increasing Emotional Intelligence at Work

It was in the mid 90's when Daniel Goleman introduced the idea of emotional intelligence for businesses. Emotional Intelligence can help build an individual’s character and change their state of mind into that of an effective leader within the corporate environment. For Goleman, who is a science journalist, most companies are at the forefront of being popular, but usually lack substance in producing groundbreaking ideas to offer. Looking closely at the level of specific organizations, employees are not challenged because their collective intelligence is not maximized to its full potential.

Below are the contributions of emotional intelligence to one’s professional life.

1. Self-introspection

The ability to recognize one’s self is as great as preventing negative events to happen in one's life. Knowing when you are mad, happy or sad can be an instrument in gauging how you will deal with other people as well. People who know how to take full advantage of their high levels of self-introspection are able to relate to other people based on strengths, rationalized ideas, emotions and weaknesses.

2. Self-mechanism to regulation

Regardless of your standing in life, whether you are an entrepreneur, freelancer, or an employee, the aptitude to think before reacting to certain things develop your ability to make appropriate and effective decisions. Through self-regulation, you can handle your stress well without adjusting too much to external factors. In this ever-changing world of business and competition, people should know how to keep their composure most especially in times of crisis and pressure.

3. Inspiration

If you fail to find the gasoline for your passion-driven self, then you will fail to proceed to the next different chapters in your life. You should always push yourself to your maximum limit. Never underestimate yourself because you are your own hero; do not ever depend on people. Work your way to the top of your career ladder, but always stay grounded while being passionate and strong minded.

4. Empathy

Schools and universities do not teach anyone the practice of compassion. As we are exposed to different kinds of cultures, we are also posed the challenge of continuously meeting other people’s needs by being sensitive to the things they believe and do not believe. Our mindset must always be motivated on treating others based on their levels of emotional intelligence and values. Instead of dealing with issues of racism or anything related to the abuse of other races, we must work hard in building organizations which are focused on creating a world consisting of people co-existing with one another.

5. Social Skills

You are your own business, and in order to be successful, you should always be capable of communicating effectively with people and businesses. If you know how to deal with people, you will eventually build networks and create strong bonds of professional relationships.

The great thing about emotional intelligence is the fact that all the elements mentioned above can be developed and learned. As we aim to develop ourselves individually, we must also continue learning from other people and experiences. Commitment is the key. Emotional intelligence is an advantage for your career, and leveling it up will help you on every aspect of your life.

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