Is Outsourcing Your Company’s Call Center the Right Choice?

Many SMB companies don’t have the resources needed to open an in-house call-center. Therefore, they must outsource the work. Because of the availability of high-speed Internet access, many small companies can now service their customers' needs. Hiring an outsourcing company outside of the United States has many benefits for small business owners. But, on the other hand, some business owners are finding that certain outsourcing companies don’t live up to their contract. Therefore, they are now receiving complaints from their customers. 

If outsourcing your call center is the right choice for your company, you must find the right company to handle your customers' needs. Therefore, it is important that you consider the facts before signing a contract. Not all overseas call centers can supply your customers with quality service. However, if you look at certain aspects of the company you hire, your company can benefit by using an outsourcing company. 

Before hiring an overseas call center you must consider:

  1. Number of calls: A good call center handles a large volume of calls each day. It is important that you ask the company for statistics on the number of calls they handle daily. Compare the results of different companies and select the company that best suits your needs.
  2. Average time a customer is on hold: Any good call center has software that records a caller’s average waiting time before they are connected to an agent. Your company must know how long your customer will be kept waiting before an agent can help them.
  3. Call time: Ask each company how long their agents spend on each call. Determine the average call time to ensure the company can handle a large volume of calls. If an agent spends an excessive amount of time on each call there is a problem with the training the call center agents receive.
  4. Agent’s professionalism: Before hiring a call center overseas, it is necessary to call the center and talk with an agent. When you speak with an agent you can easily determine their professionalism, training, and ability to handle a call. Furthermore, you need to evaluate the information an agent gives you. Determine if their language skills are proficient and can handle your English-speaking clients’ needs. If you have problems understand the agent it is not a good idea to hire this call center. 

In Conclusion

Before making your final decision about the call center it is important to do your research. Determine if the call center you are hiring can handle your customer’s call and supply them with the right information. Furthermore, after you have signed the contract it is important to monitor the call center. Make frequent calls to the call center agents. Be assured that your customers are receiving the best customer service for your money.



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