It’s Time Your Business Starts Using Live Chat

More companies today have started to adopt and deploy live chat to improve their customers' experience. Live chat allows companies to hyper-connect with their customers online. This improves the company’s customer service experience because customers can now save time by chatting with a service representative online. 

According to Forrester, your customers' time is important to them. Furthermore, customers just want a simple way to find the answers they’re looking for in a timely manner. Today, people want to speak with someone who can give them these answers without being put on hold for hours on end or transferred from one department to another.

Therefore, if your company isn’t using live chat to improve your customers' experience, it’s time you started. Here are a few fantastic reasons why your company should start using live chat today. 

  1. Cost Effective Choice – If your company wants to provide your customers with a more personalized experience it only makes sense to use live chat. Your customers will receive a personal one-on-one experience from your service representatives. Furthermore, your customers can contact your company at their convenience. Your company saves money behind the scenes because your service agents can now chat with multiple customers at once. Live chat is an excellent way for your business to increase your first contact resolution rates.
  2. Multiple Uses – You can use live chat on your website, shopping cart, Facebook page, or as part of your knowledge base. Furthermore, many companies found that live chat on their checkout page has reduced their shopping cart abandonment rates.
  3. Conversation – Again, according to Forrester the younger generations prefers live chat when speaking with a customer service representative. The company’s younger audience would rather type as their preferred mode of communication.

These are only a few reasons why your company should start using live chat to improve your customer satisfaction. Furthermore, according to a recent report by eDigitalResearch For Informed Direction it shows that more consumers prefer live chat than speaking with a representative on the phone.

Today, more customers want to contact a company using live chat. This allows them to speak with a representative in real-time without the delays of the company’s automated phone systems. In the past few years, live chat has become part of the customer service platform for many companies. Furthermore, the nature of this platform allows you to help more consumers quickly, which increase your brand name and sales for your company. It only makes sense that your company should start using live chat today.


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