Key Points to Attracting Industry Influencers

Aligning yourself with some of the best industry influencers is certainly not a requirement to become successful, however, it helps a lot, and can make a world of difference for you in establishing personal and professional success.

Building strong relationships with some of the biggest players within your own niche is helpful in that they will let you know what sells and what doesn't, as well as providing you with a host of other benefits.

So Just What Is An 'Industry Influencer'?

An 'industry influencer' is someone who has a large following within a specific niche. You can easily find industry influencers on any social media site. These people are talked about, and everyone wants to be associated with what they do and say. When you note that someone has thousands of subscribers to their blogs plus blog comments always seem to be new and engaged fully in the topic at hand, you know you have found an influencer. These people are very involved in their particular niche, offering a variety of services, products, and promotions to their loyal fans. Some may even have published books related to their niche. Writing and blogging may just be a part of what they do.

Why Might You Align Yourself With An Industry Influencer?

Most people would assume that an influencer is going to be competition, and attempt to steer clear and go on to do their own thing - entirely different from an influencer. However, by joining their circle you will begin to embrace to power of online community, and you will actually be able to expand your business. The name of the game should be 'relationship building', since this is precisely what you need to do in order to succeed in any business.

Industry influencers will teach you so much, especially about creating and building buying triggers. Aligning with influencers helps to build your own reputation and credibility, as well as your authority on the subject. Think about it, someone who writes a blogging post for Darren Rowse's blog has more credibility than one who has never been so endorsed. Whatever your niche - aim for the highest industry influencer you can find.

Some Great Ways To Attract Influencers

Make It Shine:

The aim of course, is to build up your online following. Make sure your business is authentic and transparent, always putting your prospects and customers needs at the top of your 'to-do' list. The most important thing above all, is to be you. Take examples that you see working for others, and let them inspire you to bring out the very best of what you have to offer. By being a great entrepreneur, you will be able to build yourself a successful business that other people will want to flock to.

Share What You Know:

Subscribe to the blogs of those influencers you wish to attract, posting frequently, sharing your knowledge, insight and experiences in the field. Join them on social media sites and get involved in the conversations. Put your learning cap on and soak up all the information you can that will assist you on your entrepreneurial journey. Spend time writing and blogging on various sites - the more, the better. Be sure to make regular connects with potential customers and prospects. Given enough time and exposure, these people will begin to trust that you know what you are talking about and want to join your party.

Offer Incentives:

For those influencers you are really wanting to capture, try offering them something that will be hard to pass up. Think about hosting a webinar and inviting them to be a guest speaker. If you are a writer, offer them a chance to write a forward for your book, or write a post on your blog. Your business will dictate what you can offer them, but do look around for something that will draw them in.

Above all else, always do your best, and always act like the professional you are. With a mindset like this, you will soon be attracting influencers into your own niche.




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