6 Major Advantages of Working for a Mega-Firm

Employment in a large law firm has many unique benefits which set it apart from smaller, family owned practices.

High salaries:

The largest firms offer the highest remuneration for legal professionals. Employees often also enjoy generous, enhanced compensation packages which far outstrip what’s on offer to those working in smaller firms.

Well qualified peers and colleagues:

It follows that larger firms paying the highest salaries can afford to recruit the best lawyers, paralegals and support staff. The top players recruit only the very best students from the most prestigious law schools and even their paralegals have bachelor’s degrees and specialty experience.

Challenging work:

Because the larger firms boast the highest calibre talent and a comprehensive range of resources, they attract much of the more complex and interesting litigation work from high-profile clients. Much of the work may be for overseas clients and this can mean an even broader spectrum of work; the more complex the work, the greater the experiential learning opportunities there are for staff at all levels from paralegals to attorneys.

Extensive resources:

Large law firms can secure the requisite office space to host resources like full-service copy centres and law libraries to staff restaurant facilities and even in-house health and fitness gyms. The biggest, most lucrative firms can afford office space in the best locations and are able offer their staff luxurious working environments which in turn boost staff morale and productivity.

Support staff:

The large law firms have whole departments devoted to administrational and secretarial support for its lawyers and fee earners. As well as the aforementioned, these resources may include paralegals, IT support, file clerks, messengers, marketing specialists and librarians.

Training and advancement programs:

Associates and other legal staff employed by large law firms often enjoy well-defined and structured mentoring programs which are often run in-house. This provides the opportunity for the continued growth and development of employees who may well go on to spend their whole career working for the same firm.

The very nature of these large firms presents the opportunity for advancement and natural progression from entry level right through to senior partner; something that would not be available to staff in smaller firms.

For those who do decide to move on and perhaps specialise with another firm or to set up independently in practice, the kudos of their experience with a well-regarded firm in the legal community brings with it a certain amount of prestige and status.

It’s important not to be intimidated by the prospect of working for a mega-firm amid unfounded fears that you may find yourself lost in the crowd. The advantages and opportunities on offer simply cannot be matched by the smaller firms and if you are good enough, you’ll swiftly rise through the ranks.

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