Making Data Accessible to Users With Online Backup Solutions

We can all agree that online backup providers should be safe. Only a user should have access to data. Selection of the provider is crucial and an online backup solution might work extremely differently.

Online backup popularity

The popularity of online backup is increasing in both business and private environments. This plain advancement matters in your daily operations. Online backup makes your data secured in an online data center, enabling geographic separation from the original data. Knowing that your data is secured in an offsite location is important because it becomes secure from any possible onsite disasters that might cause the destruction of hard drives or other storage media. Keeping your data offsite ensures it will not be destroyed as easily.

Losing critical data can be a primary setback for a business. According to a study, about 80 percent of businesses filed for bankruptcy three months after their IT systems were destroyed in an office fire. This shows how drastic losing data can be.

Be careful when online backup is concerned

Small and medium businesses can use online backup to create modern and smart protection, which will make them independent from their own IT department. Choosing this independence is beneficial because security is increased and costs are lowered since there are no additional investments or infrastructure changes.

When small and medium businesses are concerned, it is important to note that not every popular cloud storage solution will fit them. They might be great for the exchange of private information, but it may not meet business requirements.

What you should consider regarding a cloud backup

The biggest concerns for businesses are data security and data privacy. Therefore, when looking for online backup service customers should ask the provider about possible certifications and security standards.

Technical protection of data against third party access is another thing to consider. Today’s online backup solutions depend on client-side encryption of the data, which means that already encrypted data is transferred to the systems of selected provider. The encryption key should remain in the user’s possession at all times. Bottom line, it is not possible to access the data in the online storage or during the transfer since data transfer is done with encryption.

Nevertheless, when looking for an online backup solution, customers should keep functionality in mind. Different security features should not obstruct operational processes. Remember, backup is a secondary application that presents an extra safety net.


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