Managing the Human Resource Process via Software

A human resources management system combines the processes of the human resources department to information technology. A human resources management software package will improve the payroll process, document time and attendance, verify benefits information, manage the recruiting process, record performance appraisals, assist with scheduling and track continuing education units. The introduction of HR software package results in a reduction of man hours spent on routine duties and improves the efficiency of the department.

  • The payroll component records time and attendance. Taxes and other deductions are applied before generating a paystub. An automatic deposit is made into the employee’s bank account. The system will generate W-2 forms and other tax reports in a timely fashion.
  • The benefits administration components will verify employee participation. The system will also track employee profit sharing. The HR software package accurately calculates monthly retirement stipend and eligibility status.
  • The data records component of the HR package records addresses, demographic information, skills, training, performance history and other information vital to an organization. The database generates reports vital for future HR planning and yearly budgeting. Human resource forms are easily scanned into the database and maintained.
  • The training component monitors mandatory staff in-house video training. The company may program video training modules for employees to view. The software has the ability to identify employees that have not complied with viewing requests. Continuing education units may be tracked for teachers, nurses and other professionals.
  • The hiring component manages the hiring process from recruitment through new hire orientation. Applications are maintained for possible future hires and recruitment actions are recorded. The software assists with identifying potential applicants, preparing job descriptions and the advertising process.
  • The employee query component allows employees to check for available vacation or sick days. Supervisors may approve employee overtime request through the query component. Employees may apply for sick or vacation benefits through the query component.

*Photo courtesy of Flickr’s Creative Commons.


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