4 Mobile Web Design Essentials

Mobile website design is not the same as desktop website design. This is due to the fact that there is a difference in the way in which the web is being accessed from a smartphone and a desktop or a laptop. The size of the screen of a mobile phone is smaller compared to that of a desktop. Further, people usually surf the web through their mobile phones when they are on the road, in their cars, at a shopping mall, at the airport or restaurant. Basically, they do not have time for leisurely browsing when they are on the move. Therefore the person who is on the move looks for specific information when browsing the web on his mobile phone device.

For these reasons, it is important to design the mobile website carefully, so as to cater to the specific needs and requirements of the mobile phone users. Here are some important mobile website designing tips and services that would help you get the right mobile website for your business.

1. Keep your mobile website design short and simple

When you are creating mobile website, it is very important to keep it short and simple. Users should be able to get the desired information quickly and easily. Keep the navigation simple and provide a link to the homepage at the bottom of each page. If the website design is user-friendly, web users would visit your mobile website frequently.

2. Keep the website content precise and crisp

Content is an integral part of your mobile website design. People visit a website to get the desired information. If you fail to provide them what they are looking for, you would lose them. To attract people to your mobile website, make sure that your website content is good. It should provide all the essential details about your products and services but in a crisp and precise manner.

Divide your mobile website content into small paragraphs. You can also use bullets to make information easy to access for mobile users.

3. Highlight important information

Due to the small screen size of mobile phones it becomes difficult to read things available on the mobile website. To resolve this problem, you must highlight the important information. You may use special fonts, background colors, and font size to draw the attention of the web users to the most important part of your website design.

4. Include call to contact button

When people are on the go, they may not have pen and paper to write down your contact details. Include a call to contact button in your website design so that people can quickly and easily contact you to get further details about your products or services or to place order. The call to contact button should easy to find and should be placed at the prominent position on your website.

Keep the above tips in mind and you would have a great mobile website design.

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