Motivation: Awakening the Desire to Purchase

In order to increase sales and increase customer satisfaction, you need to find out what motivates people to buy products. You need to create products to fit different needs because everyone has certain needs that motivate them to make a buying decision. Why do people buy what they buy? Where does customer satisfaction come from? Well, it comes from the motivation that the customer has to purchase the best product they could to satisfy their needs. But what are the needs that have to be satisfied? Check out the following list and find out.

1. Need for money

When it comes to customer behavior, money is the number one motivation. This is because people want to have more money and you will have their attention if you point out that they will save or make money using your product/service. Money is a basic need. Money gives them a sense of security.

2. Need for approval

People want to be approved of and respected by others. We all want our friends, neighbors and family to admire and accept us. Customers believe that they will be accepted by other people if they buy your product. This is where their motivation comes from. They want to be perceived as valuable and worthwhile so that others can praise their possessions. This is another motivator for buying a product.

3. Need to live longer

People want to enjoy great health so that they can live longer. We all want to be fit, energetic and in top form. Therefore, customers are interested in products and services that will help them be healthier and have a longer life.

4. Need for recognition and power

If customers believe that your product will help them achieve greater recognition and become more popular, then it is likely they will purchase your product. By boosting their self-esteem and convincing them that they will get additional recognition and power if they use your product, you will evoke a buying desire and motivate them to make a purchase.

5. Need for personal success

A majority of products appeal to the wish for bigger self-fulfillment. People want to feel that they are becoming everything they can become. If you offer customers a product they believe in, it will help them reach a higher level of persona success, then you create a desire to buy. People who believe that your product will help them become a better person, will not limit the amount they will spend.

In conclusion

Recognizing the needs of your customers is the right path for achieving sales success. Offering them a product that will satisfy their needs and bring happiness to their lives is the key. Finding out reasons why people buy products/services will help you increase customer satisfaction and increase sales.

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