Network Administrators: What You Must Monitor on Your Company’s Website Servers

Network administrators need to monitor the company’s network for performance, data breaches, security risks, and equipment failure. Furthermore, if your company keeps your own web servers in house, it is critical that your network administrator monitor the traffic and performance levels for problems. 

Monitoring Website Traffic

  1. Traffic Totals: It is important for any online business to monitor their website traffic. If your website traffic has started to decline it is vital that you find a solution to this problem. Your network administrator needs to supply you with the traffic graphs to help you determine how your business is performing online.
  2. Referrals: Monitoring your website referrals will help you determine what sites are linking to your website. Understanding which sites have referred their site visitors to your website will help you plan your marketing campaigns.
  3. Searches: Understanding what keywords generate more web searches than other words is important. Using relevant keywords in your articles, promotions, and newsletter will increase your website searches and traffic.
  4. Page Visited: To help optimize your website it is important to know what pages a customer has viewed when they visited your website. Certain webmasters like to link to different websites of interest. If your website has a few pages linked from different websites it is time to optimize these pages. Add different content to the high traffic web pages to pull your visitors to other pages on your website.
  5. Page Viewed: If your site receives all your traffic on one or two pages it is time to revise your website. Determine what is so interesting on these pages that attracts so many visits. Then, redesign your other web pages to attract visitors. 

Monitoring Website Performance

  1. Forms: Are all your forms functioning correctly? It is important that all your contact forms function correctly. Therefore, test your forms every few weeks to ensure there are no problems and they are working correctly.
  2. Shopping Carts: It is important that your shopping cart and check out are functioning correctly. If your checkout is difficult and takes too many steps it is time to review your checkout process.
  3. Download Speed: Your download speed is vital to monitor at all times, especially if you offer eBooks for your customer to download from your site. Therefore, it is necessary that you monitor your global website traffic to see if there are problems with your download speed. Afterwards, contact your web hosting service to correct these problems.
  4. Server Accessibility: Your administrator can monitor your web site server accessibility. Many problems with server accessibility are not because of your servers, but because of the Internet’s backbone network. Therefore, when you encounter a problem with your server accessibility, you will need to contact your web hosting company to resolve these issues. 

In Conclusion 

It is important that your network administrator monitor your web servers. This can help your company determine what web pages need to be optimized, where your traffic is coming from, and what people search for on your site. Furthermore, when you monitor your web server, you can immediately correct problems with your forms, download speed, and global accessibility.


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