Outsourcing 200: What can You Successfully Outsource?

As a business owner, you spend your day pouring over your company’s finances wondering how to cut expenses. There are different job duties your company can outsource to save money. However, each of these different job functions requires you to carefully consider the benefits your company would receive if you outsourced the work. 

Under normal operating circumstances business can handle their day-to-day activities. However, there are times when a business needs help to complete a project. These special circumstances require a business to make hasty decisions.

When should a company consider outsourcing? 

Different circumstances arise periodically that will require a business to hire temporary help. Your company might need to outsource because:

  1. A new contract has been awarded to your company that requires additional resources.
  2. One of your employees is on extended medical leave.
  3. You’re considering moving to the cloud for data storage, software application, and backup requirements.
  4. You’re expanding your business and don’t have the necessary resources in-house.

What should a company outsource? 

There are 7 key functions in a business; you should consider outsourcing to cut expenses.

  1. Human Resources: A small to medium-sized business can easily outsource their human resource duties. Different outside agencies are specifically designed to handle employee acquisitions. A human resource company can advertise your job position, screen candidates and cross check references.
  2. Employees Benefits: Unless you’re familiar with employment legislation or have a person to handle your company’s employees benefit package it is wise to outsource this responsibility. A company that specializes in managing benefit packages will save you money.
  3. IT Department: For a small business owner maintaining an in-house IT department is expensive. Therefore, small businesses benefit by outsourcing their IT duties to a company that can maintain and handle their computer needs.
  4. Marketing: Hiring a marketing firm will benefit your company. The firm specializes in content, online marketing and press releases.
  5. Website Design: A Website design company can maintain your website or blog. Furthermore, the company specializes in optimizing your website, creating dynamic pages, and improving your search engine standings.
  6. Accounting and Finances: Outsourcing your company’s accounting and finances to a specialized accounting firm will save money. The firm understands how to report your taxes, identify tax deductions, handle invoicing, and give you advice on your finances.
  7. Payroll: A payroll company is an excellent way for a business to save a substantial amount of money each month. The payroll company specializes in taxes, reporting income, and handling employee’s special needs.

In Conclusion: 

No matter if you run a small to medium-sized business outsourcing will save your company money. Therefore, it is wise for a business owner to consider outsourcing certain key functions and services. A professional company can handle your accounting, payroll, advertising, marketing, and IT duties. Your company will benefit from hiring skilled professionals to handle certain job duties to help free up your resources.


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