Sales 100: How to Avoid Making Major Sales Mistakes

Many sales representatives face the same problems when they have to find new leads, close the deal, and sign the contract. During this long and exhausting process, there are many things that can go wrong. If one mistake is made during this process, you’ll lose the sale. 

What are the costly sales mistakes to avoid? 

  1. Failing to see the client’s perspective: Most sales personnel are too eager to sign the contract with the new client. However, most of the time, they fail to look at the client’s potential needs. Furthermore, once the client signs the contract the sales rep forgets to follow-up with the client.
  2. Failing to follow-up on a lead: Once a sales lead has been generated the sales rep doesn’t immediately follow-up on the lead. Waiting too long to contact the new client will cost you the sale. The client needs to find a new distributor immediately and can’t wait for your call.
  3. Waiting for the client to call: Once you have left a voicemail, you don’t call the client again. Instead, you leave it up to the client to call you. The person is busy and doesn’t have time to return your call. Therefore, you have lost a good lead and a possible sale. Instead of just leaving a voicemail for the person, tell them when you will call again.
  4. Forcing a meeting with the client: Many sales reps only want to meet with a new client. Unfortunately, this aggressive move will discourage the client and they’ll stop talking with you. Therefore, if a potential client isn’t ready to schedule a meeting, offer him some downloadable information he can read later.
  5. Cold calling is not an option: Many sales representatives don’t understand how beneficial cold calling a company is. Instead, they look at this task as a chore and prefer to wait for warm leads. However, this is the wrong attitude to take. You can learn and benefit from cold calling a company. Decide on what strategies have worked for you and learn from what didn’t work.  

In Conclusion:

During the selling process it is easy for your sales representatives to make several critical mistakes. Therefore, it is up to you as a business owner to help your sales representatives avoid making these mistakes. It is recommended that you help your sales team by scheduling regular training seminars and weekly meetings. Continue to point out the critical areas that each person must pay attention to when speaking with a client.




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