Sales: Make Good Use of Your Time

Time wasting is a common phenomenon in the selling industry. Delay and procrastination are major time wasters. These are caused by putting off things that shouldn’t be put off. People find themselves procrastinating because there is always too much to do but not enough time to do it all. However, one has to make wise choices and decide what to put off. Never postpone important and high-value activities and tasks because such things usually make a difference in business and life.

Cutting down on useless activities


The fact is that people waste a lot of working time in all fields, not just in selling. Major time wasters include phone calls, coffee breaks and other activities that do not make contribution to work. You can overcome procrastination by managing your priorities, planning in advance and getting going the minute you start your workday. Start with the most important tasks and leave less important ones for later. This way you will achieve a high level of efficiency.

Lack of preparation and product/service knowledge

Salespeople waste a lot of their time when they find themselves with a customer, but without necessary information for an intelligent presentation. You have to be familiar with the product or service you are selling and know all the key features. How do you plan to convince your customer they should buy your product if you don’t have all the necessary facts? You have to be prepared for meeting your customer’s needs by having the right facts, figures and specifications. Lack of preparation is a huge time waster. However, one can remedy these issues with time and study. Stop being lazy and get going.

Planning: why it matters

A good sales professional has extensive product knowledge and is always thoroughly prepared. Take your time to study every detail of your product or service in order to avoid future waste of your valuable time. Write down all the important notes and review them over and over. Planning means deciding in advance that you will have an intelligent and complete answer to any question your customer asks.

Callbacks and appointments

Incomplete calls and unconfirmed appointments are yet another common true waster in sales. You have to make sure you have all the necessary materials and forms for your sales call. If you don’t, you will have to go back or put a customer on hold, which is a top sales turnoff. Your customer can easily be irritated by your unpreparedness and change their primary decision to make a purchase. Avoid this risk by being more organized. Secondly, not confirming an appointment with your customer can be a waste of time. A customer may be busy with some other activity and has no time for your meeting. Just because an appointment has been arranged doesn’t mean that everything will go as planned. Calling and reconfirming is a great way to ensure that no time wasting is going to occur.

In conclusion

Take advantage of every minute of your working time so you can be able to convince the customers that they are making the right choice by doing business with you. Plan in advance and manage your priorities. Eliminate everything that causes you to waste time at the workplace.


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