4 Ways to Save by Switching to a Cloud-Based Phone Service

Every business owner is looking to cut costs and save money, especially small to medium-sized businesses (SMB). Your current phone system is an excellent place to start. Larger companies choose to have an on-site PBX for their communication needs. However, these phone systems cost companies thousands of dollars every month to maintain their services and lease the equipment. 

Therefore, if you’re looking to cut costs and increase functionality, then it only makes sense to look to the cloud. A cloud phone service provider offers your company a secure way to communicate for less. Here are a few ways your company can put a little extra money back into your budget each month. 

  1. Hardware Costs – An on-site phone system can put a strain on a company’s monthly budget. Your company is forced to have a maintenance contract with an outside vendor or hire a telecom technician to maintain your equipment. However, if your company moves your communication need to the cloud your company no longer needs to maintain your on-site equipment. Furthermore, cloud-based service providers take care of the telecom infrastructure and security. Your company saves office space and leasing costs for your PBX.
  2. Compliance Assurance – Today it’s mandatory that businesses comply with HIPAA regulations or be faced with civil or criminal penalties. With an on-site phone system, this can be complicated for businesses to comply with all HIPAA regulations. However, many cloud-based phone systems offer companies a solution to meet all their requirements for HIPAA. The cloud-based service will protect your company and save you from paying fines or facing criminal charges.
  3. Scalability – On-site phone systems make it difficult to increase your capacity. Normally, your company will need to purchase additional equipment and add more phone lines in your office. However, cloud-based services can easily add a new phone number the same day. Therefore, you’ll no longer have to wait to purchase new equipment or add a new phone line in your office.
  4. Reliability – According to Garner, a business can lose thousands of dollars each hour their phone lines are down. However, a cloud-based phone provider has multiple phone systems housed in different geographic locations. Therefore, their diverse redundant data can easily be rolled over to another location. This eliminates the possibility that your communication services will ever suffer from equipment failures. Furthermore, when a disaster strikes your company is insured, your phone system will still function when other phone lines in your area are affected. 


A cloud-based phone service provider can save your company thousands of dollars. Furthermore, the cloud service can meet all your HIPAA requirements and save your company money from fines or civil charges. All cloud-based service providers offer their client’s scalable services which make it easier to add or subtract from your contract. So if your company needs a reliable phone service it might be wise to look at a cloud-based service for your company.



Image: pixabay.com

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