Security 101: How to Practice Information Security Measures in Your Business

Today we hear about large, seemingly secure companies that have suffered a major data breach. Business owners worldwide have tightened their network security because they’re worried about securing their company’s important information. That’s why it’s so important to keep your company safe from hackers and lost or stolen information. Therefore, it’s important that your company’s employees practice 3 basic security measures when handling confidential data.

Password Security

Everyone understands the importance of a strong password, but unfortunately so many people follow the rules. When creating a secure password for all your business, personal, and online accounts follow these rules:

  1. Password length has to be 10 to 15 characters long for business accounts.
  2. Business passwords need a mix of upper and lowercase letters.
  3. Each password needs to contain numbers and at least one special character.
  4. Generate a password that uses random letters, numbers, and special characters.
  5. Each account needs a separate password.
  6. Each employee needs their own username and password.
  7. Store passwords on a removable USB jump drive.
  8. Never store passwords on your computer, phone or tablet.
  9. Never share your passwords with other employees.
  10. Always check the strength of your passwords using My1login or other online password checkers. 
  11. Set passwords on your network to expire after 30 days.
  12. Set password restrictions so employees can’t use the same password twice.
  13. Define password rules for your network that force employees to create secure passwords for each of their accounts.  

Firewall and Antivirus Program

Protect all network devices with an enterprise firewall. Furthermore, all employees’ computers should have enterprise antivirus software installed on them. Your network firewall needs to extend to your network servers, email servers, and website servers. Furthermore, set up your firewall rules to block certain incoming and outgoing ports. Your company needs to define your firewall rules for your IT department to follow.

Secure Mobile Devices

Secure all BYOD laptops, phones, and tablets with a remote wipe program. This protects your company’s data if a mobile device is lost or stolen. Furthermore, any mobile device that contains confidential or sensitive data needs an encryption program and a password.


These security measures will ensure a safer, secure network for your company’s critical and sensitive information. By enforcing password rules for all of your employees' accounts will lessen the risk of a hacker finding a weak password. Furthermore, any data leaving your company on a personal device must have a remote secure wipe program installed first. Furthermore, all mobile devices must be password protected and have encryption software installed. By strengthening your company’s firewall will prevent data breaches on your network. Follow the basic rules to ensure a safer environment, secure environment for your network.



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