Skyfence Unveils Free SaaS App Usage

Skyfence, a California based company that focuses on cloud application automation and reflectivity solutions, has released a free version of their cloud discovery tool. Their cloud discovery tool mainly emphases on eliminating Information Technology (IT) blind spots. Skyfence determines and lists all cloud apps accessed by users, both approved and unapproved. The app provides detailed visibility of usage, activities and risk information as available from enterprise logs.

The “Skyfence Cloud Discovery Tool” is a simple application that runs on Windows. It scans existing firewall and web-proxy logs to catalog and analyze cloud app usage, along with risk assessment information, and then provides an in-built report to help guide upcoming decision-making.

You can scan any amount of log data through this free tool, as often as required, and install it on as many machines. It is no secret that “Shadow IT” is introducing various cloud applications into many organizations almost daily. With Shadow IT, there comes significant risk to security and compliance for IT companies. This is where there is a need to monitor the user activities to achieve a SaaS model.

Skyfence offers a vital thing through this discovery tool – Visibility. This is the first step in the process of SaaS. Organizations can know their cloud usage that they are unaware of and the upcoming risks towards the business.

Some features of this tool are:

  • Cloud discovery help generate cloud usage reports in an effective way. 
  • The tool helps administrators and it companies to import existing log files from numerous firewall, security information and event management (SIEM) and Web proxy solutions to support HTTP requests.
  • Enables creativity for a better understanding of the application usage, activities and traffic volumes.
  • Downloaded very quickly and run locally on any Mac or Windows system.

Many vendors are charging high fees for the perceptibility into SaaS applications. With this free tool, we can quickly, securely and accurately discover cloud application usage and risks across the organization.

* Image courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons.


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