Software Solutions for Small Businesses

There’s no fixed value of investment that would assure your road to success in a business. Your productivity and efficiency, however, pave the way to a promising destination. These two are affected by your perseverance and diligence at work, which are key traits in creating strategies and maximizing your resources to properly execute a business operation. If finances are limited, your plan, then, should include cost-efficient and exhaustive resources.

Through technology, computers and software programs served as quick, productive and pragmatic resources that can assist you in putting up your small business.

Software programs make vital instruments.

For obvious reasons, a small business cannot afford to hire an entire marketing team, another team for research, a different one for administrative tasks, and another team to handle sales, in such a way that the production of the actual goods would be compromised. Your software programs can provide you solutions for that. For instance, instead of paying employees to do inventory, a business can use a software program that records sales and production in real-time by computerized instruction. Furthermore, this program can be instructed to interpret significant values on those records to assess the progress of a business. In this case, your intended research team and sales team are combined in just one computer.

Software programs have an impact on your profit.

Computers provide unlimited alternatives; and for this, it can be quite expensive especially if you want to get the best in the market. To help you consider whether software programs would be beneficial or not, you can compute your return of investment (ROI) depending on how many software programs you intend to use, or how many processes you intend to do manually. Your ROI is equal to the difference of your profit and your expenses, all over your expenses. Whatever condition has a positive ROI, it should be the perfect basis for your business plan.

Software programs have proven their use.

A company or business is considered small, if the number of employees is only below 100. When FileMaker Pro surveyed some small companies, 73% are convinced that using software solutions are worthwhile because of increased productivity.

Use software programs in your businesses.

You need not to alternate all human functions with software programs on the onset of your business. You can start purchasing few basic programs such as word processors, presentation generators, spreadsheet assistants, email managers, etc., which usually come in packages like your Microsoft Office bundle.

Once you have adjusted, you can check the online market for more viable software. For instance, a business in photography will require Adobe Photoshop in their operations. If in case you need an automatic accountant, you can use business applications like Intuit and Quickbooks.

Here are some examples on how software can optimize your business operations.

Payroll and Taxes

Paying taxes regularly and accurately is part of your federal and social responsibility. Efficient software such as electronic ledgers, books and spreadsheets help your hired Certified Public Accountant to keep clean and accurate records for fair and timely payroll and tax payments.

Facility Management

Facility management also includes security. Software programs can be helpful in surveillance and monitoring potential theft on your business properties especially during non-working hours.

Customer Service

As your business grows, it is important to keep track of customer feedback at all times. Software programs can bridge communication between customers and owners to address conflicts and discrepancies.

Website and Social Networking

Website-making or active social networking is one of the most effective marketing strategies for a business. Using the right software will help you set up a creative, organized and customer-friendly site that your clients can visit and endorse to their networks.


Using the right software for fun and entertainment will bring out the vigor in your employees, customers and partners at work, as they would have the proper work and life balance.

Software needs updating

To sustain productivity, your software needs to be updated regularly. It is similar to a mechanism of an antivirus software. If you need to keep your business files protected, you have to make sure that your antivirus is equipped with the latest improvements against all attacks.

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