Step-By-Step Guide to Resolve Customer Complaints

If you are running a business, at some point or another you will eventually have to deal with customer complaints. Sometimes it can be difficult to handle customers. Unhappy customers can create problems for your business. Customers expect their problems to be resolved quickly, so it is important to manage this expectation.

You may come across various types of customers; some may be good, but some may be frustrated so it’s best to be prepared to handle customers and solve their problems. Aim to make them happy and your business will be easier to manage. So today in this article I am going to share a few steps that will help you resolve customer complaints.

LISTEN: The first step is to listen. Make sure you listen carefully as to what exactly is the complaint. Ensure that you don’t interrupt when a customer is saying something. A frustrated customer might create problems if you interrupt or act rudely. It’s best to stay calm for the moment and hear what your customer has to say.

APOLOGIZE: After you listen to the problem apologize to the customer for his inconvenience. Make sure that you apologize and reassure them that you will solve the problem and that there won’t be any problem in the future. This will create a sense of confidence in the mind of the customer.

SUGGEST: Once you know what the problem is, make sure that you suggest the best solution to the problem. You should make the customer understand the solution and explain why a particular problem occurred.

SOLVE THE PROBLEM: Now you know what the problem is and you have suggested a solution. If the customer agrees to your solution then quickly solve the problem without wasting any time of the customer.

THANK THE CUSTOMER: Now that you have solved the problem, ask the customer if there are any more complaints. If yes, then solve them. If the customer is satisfied then thank him or her.

Customer complaints are a part and parcel of business and customers play an important role in any business. So make sure that your customers are always happy. You can use these steps to resolve customer complaints and grow a successful business.

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