The 411 On Cloud Computing

The process of using a network of remote servers to carry out computing activities rather than a local server or a PC is known as cloud computing. Most people have a general idea these days of what the cloud is and what it can do for them and their business, but many are still unclear as to where it began and where it may be headed. With the advancement of the internet over recent decades, cloud computing is changing how businesses operate.

The arrival of cloud computing is largely positive. For internet business it is more cost-effective (there isn't as much expenditure on physical devices), the cloud can be accessed from a variety of devices connected to the internet - such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets - and it is far easier to recover data this way. The automatic back-ups that take place on the cloud serve to protect valuable data, whereas if an actual storage device becomes faulty, if you don't regularly use a backup hard drive and keep your files updated, then all of that information could be lost forever.

While there are far more cloud computing pros than cons, there are a few negatives worth taking into account. If you find yourself to be in an area with little to no internet connectivity, then at worst there would be no way to access a cloud application, and at best, low bandwidth would rapidly decrease performance. However, since we now live in such a connected world, it is indeed very rare that one would be finding themselves to be without high-speed internet.

As cloud computing has started to go mainstream, online security has also had to begin to gradually improve. While the idea that your sensitive data is being stored on a remote server may be intimidating to you, in practice, this is typically a safe procedure, and controls are in place to help guarantee your security. The authentication process for users of the cloud makes it very difficult for potential attackers to gain access and, in the event that there is a security breach, cloud computers have the ability to quickly detect attacks and take action. The cloud can also restore system backups to ensure the effects of an attack are short-lived.

Cloud computing has changed internet business forever. Consider this: in the past, giant servers would have been required - all in the same location - to carry out work. With the cloud, all of that information can be accessed on a cloud application, anywhere, and on any device - that serves to make business more time efficient, and more financially efficient. As the world of online business and internet communications streamline and become more efficient for each entrepreneur and online community, we can now see that this will only be a good thing in so many ways.


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