5 Crucial Call Center Technology Requirements

Indeed, a great number of highly developed call center technology are made available for top business services. At the end of the day, the challenge is to pick the right technology, maximize its function and optimize its performance to encompass more possibilities and opportunities.

The business process outsourcing (BPO) or otherwise known as the call center industry have specific needs to operate effectively; it is a question on the matter of purpose of the call center, the supported channels (faxes, chats, emails, calls, etc.), its size and most especially the location of the call center. In simpler words, the complexity and technicality basically depends on the needs of the organization.

Here’s an outline of vital call center technology requirements which could be considered basic, but must be followed accordingly in order to be at the forefront of anyone’s business venture.

1. A call center servicing application.

Agents use this technology in order to meet the needs of the customers. Through this, quick response takes place along with the agents’ understanding of their customers’ concern, showing them how they their relationship and value to the enterprise. The call center servicing application is also used by the agent to document the issues and requests of the customer. This generates a thread where recorded interactions can be accessed the next time customers call again for help.

2. Automatic call distributors (ACD).

The BPO first and foremost requires a system where calls will be processed and other means of communication will take place, such as email and chat, depending on requirement. The automatic call distributor (ACD) is the heart of any call center system. In order for everything to be implemented and complemented, the performance of this technology must always be superior. The two underlying systems, which are inbound and outbound, should be parallel in managing the flow of incoming calls to the right agent and should have a dialer to transact calls.

3. Speech recognition systems.

Speech recognition systems are basically self-service tools that computerize the handling of customer calls which are incoming. Also known as the advanced interactive voice response (IVR), this technology allows customer interaction with the IVR by speaking instead of pressing too many buttons on their telephones. Companies using this system are able to keep their costs down and maintain an automated handling operation up to 85%, dealing with issues such as credit card, brokerage, retail banking, insurance and health care. Most business services claim that IVR or speech recognition boosts the quality of service, most especially when agents are not available. Business process industries which are focusing on collections and sales use IVR systems to amplify their efficiency and productivity.

4. A workforce management software.

This system is a software used by call center managers, checking the schedule to gauge the optimal number of agents needed to meet projected and specific daily objectives. 

Workforce management software is utilized by determining the number of agents that must be employed to handle at particular standardized level.

5. Computer telephony integration (CTI).

This technology connects the automatic call distributors (ACD) to the servicing or CMS application. On the onset, it transports screen pops, pulling up the customer’s account on the agent’s computer while it is on the call. This definitely helps save time. CTI is a major tool for most business process industry.

The abovementioned outline is used by most call center industries with at least 300 agents. There are definitely other call center solutions, but I find these top 5 essential in order for a company to grow and mature.

Photo credits to CIP Telecom.

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