The 5 Seconds Challenge

Let me get things straight. People are swimming in articles, 15 seconds to 1 minute short video snippets, informational blog posts and a lot of one hit wonders. The digital age bombards us with a number of details, stories and data that our ideas become a wide range spectrum of specifics. The need to be the most creative arises, and one must always be attuned with the society’s standards.

While a number of people do not appreciate lengthy pieces because they think it would be a waste of their fast track lifestyle, web developers continue on creating ways to improve their websites. People nowadays are less interpersonal. Most people are online almost 24/7.

If you want to start up a website and want to capture prospective employers’ attention, here are the tips to follow:

1. You only have 5 seconds. Remember that you only have 5 seconds to attract someone’s attention. People love surfing the internet and to spend effort looking through your overloaded website would be a waste of their precious time. If you fail to make an impression in the first few seconds, then the people visiting your site will just scan and navigate something else.

2. Invest on a self-hosted website. Think of it this way; you should be like a suitor with your best foot forward. Make sure that the one you’re courting becomes impressed, and create a website which enlightens them to get to know you more. Do not worry about spending, as long as it will help you get employers. Show them that you are taking your business seriously and you are thinking outside the box with your imagination and creativity.

3. Construct a clear cut message. Writing and sending a header is crucial in grabbing someone’s attention. Your header must be all about your website, something straightforward and specific. Put a spotlight on a value intention which can motivate your target employer.

4. The minimalist rule. Do not put too much information on your website; make it as precise as possible. A page which has too much in it loads up slowly, so you have to take into consideration that people get too bored with extensive information. Just send your messages straight, but maintain being factual and informative.

5. Do not be a mess! People will immediately leave your website if you have unorganized texts and images. You don’t need to put an audio tool, as long as you can execute a systematized website which has the right color combinations of fonts, background and images, people will be in love with what you have to offer as an employee. Avoid cluttering too much information; better to have something simple yet enticing.

6. Optimize with mobile devices. Because of the digital age, people would rather use their mobile phones and tablets to browse and surf the internet. Make your website available to them; do not be un-searchable, because people will not waste their time looking for you. You have to be out there.

Maximize opportunities, get out of your comfort zone and never settle on being monotonous.

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