The Importance Of Employee Recognition

Employee recognition is sometimes a tricky thing to deal with for managers. Having the right amount of employee recognition all depends on the actual employee that is to be recognized. Managers sometimes deal with this in the wrong way because they do not look at what type of employee they are putting up for recognition. There are small scale to large scale employee recognition events that each have to cater to the type of employee.

Small scale employee recognition is the one that is mishandled most of the time. Employee recognition for small scales needs to be analyzed. For example, if the employee completed some tasks ahead of time that made the company some extra money, this type of employee recognition may just need to be done in front of the managers, and not the employee's co-workers. Once again, it all depends on the employee. If the employee is shy and not outgoing with the other co-workers, having a small meeting with the employee with the managers would be the best way to go. This way, they will not be embarrassed or feel like they are being singled out.

If the employee is outgoing and needs the attention of his peers, then having a little bigger meeting may be the better solution. For small scale recognition, it is best to bring it up near the end of a meeting. A simple, and Bob did a great job getting those extra files out before the deadline will mean the world to this type of employee, especially since it is in front of the other co-workers.

It is important that when giving employee recognition, the manager does not alienate the other employees and make them feel like they are doing a bad job. That is why it is important to stress that everybody is doing a good job, but the employee that shined above the rest deserves a little bit of recognition.

Large scale recognition such as giving out a gold watch or celebrating 15 years with the company is handled completely differently. These need to more elaborate. Many companies give lots of praise and recognition for an employee not being late for six months straight but will not give a lot of praise to the employee that has been with the company for 10 or more years.

These types of milestones need to be celebrated within the company with the managers and co-workers. They show that the company cares about the employee and still appreciates them after all the time that they have been there. If the employee simply gets a pin and nothing else, they may wander if the company even needs them there anymore.

Employee recognition is a hard thing to deal with especially with the tons of different personalities that managers have to deal with today. Employees no longer go to work to do their daily tasks, they go to work so that they can be recognized within the company and feel like they are doing something good for the company instead of just being a drone.

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