2015 Trend Alert: Video Marketing

Video marketing and storytelling go hand in hand. If you want your customers to purchase your products and service you need to show them and not just tell them. Today, marketers need to put more emphasis on personalizing their marketing content by telling a story the consumer can relate to.

Fortunately, with video marketing businesses can now put more emphasis on showing their customers and not just telling them. Video marketing is the perfect online format that allows businesses to quickly grab the attention of a busy audience. The video allows the marketer to have a strong story line that is short but memorable. The viewers enjoy the new format that videos have to offer and the marketers can use analysis tools to measure the success of their videos.

Videos help to grab the attention of your potential customers in the new world of technology. Many consumers now do their own research online to find the best products and services to purchase. Therefore, it is imperative that you engage with these consumers by cutting through the noise. Supply your potential customers with video content that is inspiring, entertaining, and educational. The video needs to explain who your company is, the culture of your company, and how your products and services can benefit their lives. 

Up until now, most companies have started to take small steps forward to engage their audience with videos. However, videos are still being used sparingly when it comes to enhancing their websites. Not many consumers have taken the giant step forward using videos as their major form of marketing their products and services. Some companies are optimistic about investing large sums of marketing revenue into producing videos to sell their products and services. This year we will see major changes taking place as the video market will take off and business will produce more videos to sell their products and services.

Why your company needs to use video marketing this year to sell your products and services. 

1. The most compelling call to action this year on the Web will be the play button. 

Surveys have proven that consumers prefer watching a video to reading text. It is a proven fact that 65% of viewers will watch more than three-quarters of a video. The trends are changing and today video content has contributed to higher click-through rates and sales. This year companies will start to use video marketing for their emails, social media, SEO, content marketing, and demand-generation programs. This will increase your company’s brand and enhance your customer relations. 

2. Video analytics will become a prominent part of the marketing mix.

Today data-driven marketing is all the rage. With all the new marketing technologies on the market today it makes it easier for companies to track their online audiences, digital interactions, and performance of their marketing programs. As the New Year progresses marketers will gain further insight from their marketing systems that will help them improve their marketing results. Video marketing will be added to the marketing mix this year and will become an extremely valuable and important tool for enterprises. No longer will the counter view, measure the success of your video, but instead the importance will lay on who is watching your videos. The person watching your video will actually contribute to your sales and marketing goals. 

3. Video analysis will be used to improve businesses lead qualification and generation.

Many companies started to take advantage of video marketing last year and this year they will use the video analysis as an active lead-generation tool. By adding a lead generated collection form at the end of each video produced will help your company to analyze and create new qualified leads of consumer who is interested in your products. Video analysis can now be tied directly to your company’s content records and CRM systems. These records can be a valuable tool for identifying qualified leads and engaging with your online content. 

4. YouTube should not be the major focus of your video marketing campaign. 

YouTube offers companies a great channel for distributing their video content. The platform can help your company expand your awareness and reach new audiences. However, your company should not focus solely on YouTube as your main source of distributing your video content. Unfortunately, YouTube can’t offer your company the tools you need to integrate your video with your digital brand and content marketing programs.

5. Companies will see the importance of using video analytics to enhance their marketing automation and CRM. 

In a recent survey, 70% of the marketers surveyed agreed that video marketing converts potential customers better than any other content marketing type. However, fewer than 10% of retailers are actually using video analytics to help them enhance their customer insight and lead qualification. The focus this year will be on video analytics and using these results in their CRM platforms and marketing automation systems. This will help companies turn the data collected into results. 

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